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  1. Hi Who do i pay payment to, i.e payable name on cheque/postal order Would payment just be addressed to Royal Court of Justice
  2. Hi Just to update, I rang company in question and they confirmed they do have paperwork i.e BOS i was enquiring about, they stated they would not let me have a copy but confirmed to me a reference number which I believe ifs the one people are mentioning. They stated the documents were signed on 21/10/2008. Asked for copy to be sent but they refused explaining that matter is now closed regarding this and not in their rights to supply me with anything. Guess SAR is now needed to retrieve that information. I have also read about the Bill Of Sale from various threads on here, somethi
  3. Hi Guys thanks for curent info, can I ask say the SAR comes back and there is a BOS with this stamp on it within the 7 days like stated above, would that be it then case closed and they win. Will send off letter in mean time but also like to know the options should it be stamped or not stamped if you know what I mean. I have just read loads of stuff on net over last couple of days, some of it conflicting. Seen a few thread son here similar especially the one going through courts a few threads down with police intervention which is almost mirror like
  4. I have amended OP and added bit more information. One thing I forget to disclose what Police Matter at tmie and I have also added figures I have retrieved from my agreements
  5. Hi Just opened up mail, they were at another property so had them sent over by RMSD. I am looking at exactly what was received day car was purchased. Sheet 1 - Pre Contract Information, Credit Agreement Regulated by Consumer Credit Act 1974 (this has figures of value of car, interest, admin fees, deposit etc and monthly repayments Sheet 2 - Add on to Sheet one with our signatures and loads of umph regarding PPI etc that we didnt take out Sheet 3 - Bill Of Sale, has our details on it, dates, total amount borrowed, number of montlhy repayments due, repayment amount, car info o
  6. Hi I believe so, there is a credit agreement and a further copy attached which is a Bill Of Sale.
  7. Hi Need some advice Few days ago Cygent Finance had my car repossessed. One would say my own fualt and others may say right for doing to protect your own rights. Briefly Had car since Oct 2008, paid £650 deposit and below is summaary of total amount, amount paid and amount reminaing Amount Of Credit - £4650 total Amount Payable - £10077.12 Total Amount paid to date - £4838.60 Amount Due - 5238.52 My partner at time went on maternity in January 2010 we asked cygnet to change payment dates to coincide with my pay which was 15th for next 9 months whilst
  8. thanks, in some ways glad as car was beginning to show its age but just annoyed that they go about it this way hopefully someone can point me to correct guidance
  9. Hi Just after a bit of advice and resolution. Car has been taken today by order of finance company. Car has 4 missed payments totally £480 in which struggling to pay as not working, cant claim job seekers as previously self emplyed and wont give us income based as my partner earns £1 past the limit. So now household income just over £700 a month before anything is paid. Had Car for 3 years before today overall agreement on BOS for £9500 and paid off £5800 Rang Finance Company today and they said we had to make payment of £900 to keep car which included fees for bailiffs as such,
  10. So my next port of call. CRA contact and tell them they have to remove that entry form my record, under what grounds do I have on my side that they should rmeove it. There answer is only person who raised it can ask us to take it off, been there done that. CRA dont side with consumer as we all know. Do I need to send of Statue Barred letter even though a suspect!!!! CCJ is involved. What is best way of raising this to OFT ans TS, just a case of sending them a letter or best waiting till I have sent Statute Barred letter to Merit and see what there reply is.
  11. Who is their DPA registered under cause it is Merit Finance, so how can they be DCA is licence expired. Firstly were they in their legal rights to run full blown credit check on me, cause my next port of call is to CRA to have this sorted. It is me. She tried to explain what the amount was from and at one point mentioned finance to Army Personnel years ago before the company was sold off. Does fit as she knew my old Barracks address didnt have any addresses for me before then just that one.
  12. Just realised, sorry. In adobe reader use ctrl, shift and +, press twice should spin it around. Keep forgetting my scanner wants them fed in other way round
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