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  1. Sorry I cannot remember how I got in touch but I trawled through many pages on the website before I managed to find that option. I have had another problem as I tried to add a new Visa Debit card to my payment options it would not recognise this type of card. I contacted them and got the 'have you activated your card' and 'did you enter the number correctly' email. Of coure I did they just do not have an option for Visa debit yet!!!!!!!!. This dispute is ongiong but through email this time. I suggest you order your items elsewhere and refuse delivery of the amazon order and they will refund th
  2. I too have a problem with Amazon Prime. I dont consider myself a genius but neither do I consider myself an idiot. I am sitting here feeling like a naughty child at school for not understanding Amazon Prime. I was ordering something for my son last night and when I went to pay I was offered a 'FREE TRIAL' of Amazon Prime. I thought I had selected it to try it but here is where my problem differs from the rest, I apparently opted for express delivery although I did not think I had selected this option. I then, as most people do, ignored the email confirming my order. Had I checked it I would h
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