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  1. I wouldn't say the staff are verging on moral bankruptcy, I rather think they've managed to achieve it. Good thing though as it'll open up a lot of job opportunities when Piosneer goes down, there's always other jobs where morals, ethics and the law play a back seat to $$$$... a boiler room share trader pimp drug dealer timeshare salesman second hand car dealer tabloid journalist erm... debt collector
  2. Congratulations WA_Newman, a great result. How come everyone new it was a foregone conclusion except Pioneer? Looks like I'll be getting my holiday sooner than I thought; you can come if you want seevee seeing as you'll be paying for it:D
  3. I'm open to discussions as well seevee, just tell me how much you're willing to pay me to go away and I'll have a think about where I want to go on holiday.
  4. Love to be the compere Skippy, terms seem a little unfair to me though... All you get is a letter to drop proceedings??? Surely you'd deserve a little holiday for all the trouble you've been put to? Thank god ( no not you seevee ) i'm off work tomorrow
  5. Hey Seevee Done a quick read of both the Law of Property Act 1925 (UK) and the Property Law Act 1969 (WA), you really think you've got a chance with them? God seevee, I'm almost starting to like you as well. Do you do bookings for birthday parties?
  6. Don't worry about my keyboards, they only get smashed when I lose on online poker, sure those bloody games are fixed. You don't seriously wonder why you're not trusted? Since your first PM and post you've done nothing but attempt to cause worry and seed doubt about our case, you have offered nothing constructive at all. If done by someone cleverer maybe it would have had the desired effect.. aren't we lucky it was you:D But I do however appreciate your entertainment value, now that's been priceless;)
  7. Sorry for calling you a twit seevee, I actually used another word, replace the "i" with an "a" and you've got it. Apparantley have to watch your language on this forum...
  8. They can transfer debts to whomever they like, they can also pursue debts from whomever they like, but they must do it legally. For this alleged debt you could legally only ask, even beg or plead, if you'd come to me on your knees with tears in your eyes I would have given you something... I not heartless. But no you default me before you even say hello.. Piers Morgan You'll find all people on here did a lot of work regarding the legality of the debts and defaults, our conclusions have been backed up and re-inforced by a gaggle? of lawyers.
  9. I'd love to share the info with you, I would however require a rather exhorbitant retainer. I think you'd find my legal advice far better than anything you currently receive.
  10. "Sounds to me that Plonkers just plain got ripped off":D:D You seriously want pity?? You aint lost nothing yet, was going to total the fines you're probably up for but ran out of fingers. No wonder ASIC is considering tighter regulation consider the idiots running some of these companies; and the amount of complaints they must be getting. Q1 What does debt re-assignment mean legally for simple credit arrangements A1 As I said - do your own work Q2 How does SB affect credit rating A2 It doesn't
  11. Seriously seevee, listening to you is just like a religious experience. It's just like being in church, I kinda want to fall asleep at the sermons you keep giving but just laugh out loud at the theatrics and aburdity of it all. Your argument is as contradictory and illogical as I expected. "This means, for example, that if a debt is governed by NSW legislation, the Limitation Act 1969 (NSW) will apply regardless of where legal proceedings are commenced.12 (and thus in WA where Plonkers is the law of WA will apply as this is where debt alledgedly resides)" As you state it m
  12. Seevee may be on our side after all... Have a look at the link he posted and pay attention to the case law of Collection House v Taylor http://www.asic.gov.au/asic/pdflib.nsf/LookupByFileName/statute_barred_debts_report.pdf/$file/statute_barred_debts_report.pdf The case revolves around the unfair collection of an unenforceable statute barred debt by a DCA which involved the use of misleading and deceptive conduct. Some cases I've heard about recently involve the unfair collection of an unenforceable foreign debt by a DCA which involved the use of misleading or deceptive co
  13. So you're allowed to reset the timeline if the alleged debtor acknowledges in writing to you in a signed letter that he owes the debt and hasn't paid it. Whoopee! That is not the same as empowering you to reset the clock at your own whim. As for what does "assignment" really mean, come on, you want us to do all your work for you. I'm sure you must have some very clever people in your legal team can point you in the right direction on that one.
  14. A very odd post Seevee, I thought Perth was a part of this lovely nation of Australia and had to abide by the laws and regulations governing it. I hadn't realised Perth had declared itself independent and no longer had to abide by the federal and commonwealth laws governing statute barred debts. They can reset the clock just like that.... WOW. Re-birthing? Isn't that some sort of a religious experience? And a bulk CCJ, and against people who are not resident in the UK, really:D Are you on medication or just a bit slow? If you've got nothing better to do than write this crap ca
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