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  1. Thanks for the info, investigate more we will, Cheers.
  2. Would a particular court have to be specified or would they just check all courts and would an explanation be required as to why I need this info?? thanks.
  3. Will they give you that kind of info? if so how would I get it, is it available online?? Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the reply I will relay the message but curious as to how this company works, have they taken anyone to court??
  5. Hello Martin, After reading previous forums a friend of yours got a ppc from PCNNW, I would just like some advice of what the outcome was after ignoring their letters because a friend of mine has got a ticket from the same car park. Your help would be much appreciated. Cheers.
  6. Thanks for the reply, That thought had crossed my mind just wondered if anyone is still using the forums that had dealings with these muppets, just an update on the ticket though it states parking charge notice rather than penalty, just guessing this is a ppc rather than pnc as they would have people believe.
  7. Hi, Thanks for the reply, basically the car got the ticket for not parking in a designated bay because the car park was full. I think the ticket is from a private parking company PCNNW who have their own website which contains all kinds of threats I know people on these forums have had dealings with these people before and told to ignore but I can't find anything saying what the outcome was. Thanks.
  8. Ive read loads of forums today and can see that most of advice given is simply to ignore these characters. No one has actually said if they have been threatened with court action and if so what the final outcome was. My friends car received a parking ticket and they would welcome your views before they begin to ignore them.
  9. These letters are very tempting but at worst the driver may get to meet their favourite parking attendant in court, then they can return his little note to him.
  10. These clowns even put a seperate note under the wiper calling the driver a d[[khead for parking there in the first place (not in a bay), car park was full. Payback time they can spend a bit of cash sending some mail lol
  11. Thanks for the reply I'm thinking more of just ignoring the scumbags and put the letters in a drawer as someone posted in a previous forum. Cheers ;-)
  12. Hi, Im new to this but my car too got a parking ticket last night from a company called PCNNW. I've been reading forums all morning saying to ignore everything which sounds great but I can't find any confirmation from anyone who's done this to say it went away please re assure and be gentle
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