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  1. Well done Bully!! I was suppose to be in court yesterday, but its been postponed for a month!! Anyway..... lets hope I get a outcome like yours! Again well done!!
  2. You got to contact the police, afraid it looks like he has conned you on this one.
  3. Jason, if you want to pursue on getting your car back then you will have to get appointment at your local court and ask for a emergency injunction - this will cost you £130. Once this is done, then take the letter from the judge and hand this over personally to Mobile Money. Just a quick Q. Why did they take your car? Did you fall on your payments?
  4. Charity, afraid you will have to hide the car for the moment... In the meantime.... - find out if the car is HPI registered. - Phone LBL ask when the Bill of Sale was registered on the vehicle - once you find out when this is registered, get a copy from the royal court of justice. - Get some legal advice, as I said, if the car is on the road then they will find it and take it.... they have done this to me. Got to be honest I'm suprised they sent you a letter, I had no warning prior my car being taken. Good Luck, anymore Q's then I will try to help.... and so will many pe
  5. I brought the car with no loan outstanding, prev owner had paid the loan off by credit card, but few months down the line it got contested. LBL cant find her now, so they have gone for the car, got my details from DVLA.
  6. Thick-Chick, doesnt matter how far away you are.... they will still take the car!! I'm in a similar situation as you, they have taken my car though!! I had to get a injuncton on the vehicle so that LBL cant sell this. I wonder if Thick-chick can explain in front of a judge now and get a injunction before they take the car - lets be honest its only a matter of time.... If T-C was succesful then she slap this on LBL's desk... this way if they want to get the car back... then they will have to go to court!!
  7. Hi, Im taking LBL to court in March. I'm in the same situation as you really, but I contacted LBL to make sure the car was free from finance, anyway once I contacted them, they told me the car was free from finance - previous owners boyfriend completed the finance in full 6wks prior. Anyway 6 months down the line... they took my car at 6:45am! Found out the payment has been contested by the boyfriend, apparently that LBL had to give him back the money without disputing this!? After a few heated conversations with LBL - them telling me that they were always going to keep
  8. Idiots, they will try anything... if I was you, try to enjoy the cat & mouse situation! Also write a letter of complaint to the OFT. Also ring up trading standards and tell them that you are being harrased and so is your nan - bunch of pr*cks for doing that!
  9. Well emergency injunction cost me £150 but that because I needed to see the judge that day otherwise the car was going to be sold in a auction. I think you can get it a lot cheaper around £40 and this takes wk or 2 to process - but I may be wrong - someone on here will jump in and give you more insight soon. As UKD said... Round 1 to you.... aslong as the car is out of sight of them! Be patient, get facts down on paper and explain the situation to a judge!
  10. http://www.hmcourts-service.gov.uk/courtfinder/forms/n1_0102.pdf I think this is the form you need to fill out. The filthy f***ers got me unexpectedly, they took my car at 6:45am.. I’ve not even got a loan with these people – Prev owner did. (I’m sure you may have come across my story on here) As soon as they took the car, I was lost...didn’t know what to do, done a bit of research on a few of these posts and noticed a guy took them to court by getting a injunction on the car – so that’s what I done! Unfortunately though they have my car to this dispute is sorted out, this wi
  11. You need to go to your local court and explain to a judge the situation about the dispute with the car, explain that you understand that this is the only way you are going to get the end of the dispute, as MM said they will take the car as soon as they find this. I'll try to find the form that you need to fill and take to the court, you will need to get to the court first thing in the morning before the judge starts his days hearings. Once the judge approves the injunction then you and MM will have to go back to court and sort this out, but during the meantime they will not be able
  12. I'm not sure, I dont think they are the same company... but I expect its the exact same set up.
  13. They are trying to scare you! I got to say though, as soon as they find the car they will take it. Thats why your friend has to get a injunction on the vehicle, this way they cannot take it of your friend! If they do they are screwed! So the only way to solve this is to take this court!
  14. HI UKD, I'm disputing the ownership over a car with LBL, they think they own the vehicle... So this is going to court to get this mess settled. I was wondering what GB meant, when he said the car is not in his name anymore... why - does think its in MM name now or has he passed the car on?
  15. The car is no longer in your name? So who owns the car now then?
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