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  1. I was made bankrupt end of April and following on from my interview with the OR I have entered into an IPA for surplus income and NT tax code. I have still not received the paperwork to set this up and the OR told me not to worry about the payments until the paperwork came through. Does it normally take this long? Does anyone have any experience of this? Also, I just wanted to clariy a point. I know I have a duty to inform the OR of a change in my financial circumstances for better or for worse within 21 days. Is this obligation only relevant to the term of the bankruptcy i.e. 1 year
  2. andyr666... You were keeping an eye on this thread & I just wanted to give an update. What I ended up doing is a statement of affairs broken down into three columns: a total, my contribution, partner's contribution. I included EVERYTHING and was honest about all the expenditure in our household. After all, you may be asked for proof so there's no point in exaggerating figures. I also tried to keep in line with the Household Expenditure Spreadsheet which the Insolvency Service refer to. I had my interview with the OR yesterday. She said she found the way I laid out the in
  3. In my SoA which was presented with my petition, I put down our total joint expenses plus my sole expenses for which my partner is not responsible. In my income I put my total income plus my partner's half share towards our joint expenses. Whether I divulge all or nothing makes no difference to my surplus income as I do not contribute towards my partner's high petrol expenses, sky subscription, child maintenance payments, etc. I'm happy to provide either SoA as the end result is the same. My expenses are in line with the basic guidelines anyway so even if they adopt a 50:50 position, it wor
  4. imageplayer...my *understanding* is that student loans are not taken into account as income but neither can they be 'written off' as part of a bankruptcy or DRO. Don't just take my word for it though - look into it a bit more. Good luck.
  5. Thanks for that. That's fair enough & I'm quite happy to provide the total household income and expenses. Are they however also expecting my partner to live by their definition of what is reasonable expenditure? For example, I would quite happily live without Sky. It is not essential expenditure and quite right that I should not be given allowances for it. He would not be happy to live without it. He also works as self employed, meaning his mobile & petrol costs are beyond reasonable for a family of four but they are reflective of his true expenses. His contribution to the house
  6. I have started a new thread as I was going off topic. Just wanted to come back to this thread & thank those who gave me some input back in September as it really helped & I am very grateful. Gaz, I hope things are going brilliantly for you!
  7. I desperately need some advice on how to approach this... Background - We are a household of 3.5 people (2 adults, my aughter (under 16) & my partner's son (under 16) on a half share custody type thing. We also have 2 pets. I don't ask my partner for contribution to my daughter's expenses, neither does he ask me for contribution to his son's expenses. We both work but are just above the threshold for tax credits so get nothing. My partner is not bankrupt. I have recently been made bankrupt & have my OR interview in about 2 weeks time. I submitted a SoA with my petition w
  8. Thanks - hugely appreciated. I unfortunately got off to the wrong start with the OR when I couldn't commit to the initial interview slot they wanted. I work for the NHS, which means shifts & no structure to breaks (if I'm lucky enough to get them). My rota wasn't out for the date she wanted so I couldn't commit (otherwise I'd be messing her around). The rota would be out the very next day & I promised faithfully to call her the next day to arrange but she wasn't having it. She suggested I did not appreciate the severity of the situation which I took much offence too but I didn't l
  9. Welshcake I too wish I could smile. I was declared bankrupt last week and have OR interview in 2 weeks. The granting of my bankruptcy was confirmed to me and 3 others who filed for bankruptcy at the same time in the court coffee shop in front of members of the general public. I know bankruptcy is public information but this was humiliating. My contact with the OR has unfortunately been scary and I am not exaggerating when I say I felt like I have been in front of the headmistress each time. It's horrible! I am glad that you experience has so far been better than mine! I wish you all the
  10. Thank you to all of you who previously gave me advice & support - greatly appreciated. Well the deed is done. I have been declared bankrupt. I have my OR interview in 2 weeks and I'm dreading it. OR seemed very stern when I spoke to her. I'm NOT looking forward to it in the slightest. I still feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders. It's awful and I really hope that I can soon breathe a sigh of relief!
  11. This was one of the things that I have been extremely hesitant about & has been holding me back. Thank you so much for making us aware because I didn't have a clue despite researching bankruptcy & its implications.
  12. News from the NMC at last... The Constitution Order from 2008 relates to members appointed to the council & not individual nurses & midwives. The NMC position on bankruptcy & NMC registrants is as detailed on this link http://www.nmc-uk.org/aDisplayDocument.aspx?documentID=4186 With this now no longer hanging over my head, I can now look to removing the shackles for real & although not a step taken lightly, can look forward to removing that noose from around my neck. Thank you Gaz for showing that there is life after bankruptcy!
  13. Thanks again for your help. I've been in touch with the CCCS & National Debtline neither of which have been able to help me on the NMC side of things. Interestingly, CCCS recommend I go bankrupt having done their 'Debt Remedy' budget. The order & the NMC guidance are contradictory & I have now emailed the NMC for further guidance. I will post once I find out more. It does seem harsh treatment, particularly as my debts predate my registration! I suppose it's because we're in the public eye & being bankrupt is seen to be damaging to the public's perception of ou
  14. sorry, pressed enter too soon... It's confusing & so I will get in touch with NMC for clarification & post on here as may be useful to others. Good luck to you both & thank you very much for your input!
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