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  1. Thank you both DonkeyB and Scabhunter for the swift response. Yes, I have included the details of both CPR letters. I have taken your advice onboard. I shall keep adding once there are further developments in the case. Should I need further advice on the Robinscum case, I shall make a separate thread. Appreciate your help immensely.
  2. Hi everyone, My dilemma is that I've filled in the defence form (online) stating I dispute the case since carter hadn't managed to comply to my requests and they ran out of time. Now I was wondering whether my CPR 18 and CPR 31.14 worked as a CCA request, in that can I now send them account on dispute letter? Or Could I send them CCa request and then take it from there. Or is it too late to go via that route since they've already taken the case to court. I dont really wanna pollute the forum with too many threads of my own so Ill just mention it here; since robinsons havent come up w
  3. Could anyone please confirm this for me. I will be posting Account in Dispute letter to Carter tomorrow. I sent them CPR 31.14 and CPR 18 letters on the 25th Sept. So that means their time is up tomorrow 15th Oct. I'lm also going to fill in the defense claim form online tomorrow. Can anyone who have already gone through this let me know if this is a straight forward process. Thank you for your time.
  4. Hi scabhunter, Well its almost been 14 days (not sure how you count the days). There has been no letters from Carter. Nothing. I did the cca request letter to robingscum the same day and have recieved letter saying I need to contact Halifax for the cca which Im not going to do, reason being, I believe as their agent they should do it. From what I've learned I should send Account in Dispute letter to Carter next, am I right? And when should I do this? My defence date expires on 12th. Thank you.
  5. Got that cleared Scabhunter thanks. I shall make separate thread for robingscum
  6. Thank you Scabhunter for the links. I will have a good read through them. Just to clarify, I need to sign only the CPR31.14 and not the CPR 18? Also in the meantime, I was thinking about writing to Robinson, w&c ltd a cca request using the template in this site. I understand I shouldn't sign it? Its for £827 and its a Halifax credit card.
  7. I've not been able to find any letters or documents to suggest that the accounts have been sold to Carter. (Alarmingly I can't seem to find the CCJ document that I had safely filed only few days ago.) I've binned some letters in the past but I now feel I should've filed every single of them safely for references. This sum is for approx £2300. Previous case was for approx £3980. Amazingly these amount seem to have inflated more than 10% last time I checked. I will amend/print these 2 letters straightaway and post them via special delivery, separately, the very first thing tomorrow mor
  8. I dont remember ever recieving any letters that implied the contract was terminated or the account sold. All I know is that Egg has passed it on to numerous collectors including fredrikson which I am now aware of is connected to B Carter & Co. I shall scour all the letters in my folder and post it should I find anything that will shed more light on the ownership of this account. I could even check with eggs themselves to clarify if need be. Btw kitty is in reference to a neighbours kitty that comes in our garden everyday to play. I'm a guy. Sorry to douse your flames DonkeyB
  9. I shall do that DonkeyB. Hope an email would suffice. I could write to Bryan Carter himself for threatning me with a judgement. Thing is there was a time when I, like the rest of the people in serious debt problems, used to get so down on myself. I've been through a lot and punished myself for it. On one hand, especially with judgment already on my name, I dont think it'll get much worse and on the other I still feel a huge weight trying to pin me down and get this correct. So I suppose my plan of action would be to send them CPR 31.14 and CPR 18 letters? Just waiting for confirmatio
  10. Sorry it took me time, but I had to sort my printer out and do other things so I could upload the form and the letters for you. This is the claim form I recieved. This is the 1st letter I got 1 day prior to recieving the claim form. And finally this is what I recieved today. Thank you all for your inputs and scabhunter in particular for finding all the letters. I had trouble making the link work so hope the scans are just right.
  11. Thank you all for your response. The first form he sent me was an N1 form asking for full amount to which I acknowledged and offered £1 a month. Time of Issue: To clear my case further, my current form was issued to me on 09/09/09. Which I believe gives me till (5+14) 28th. Type of Form: The form is same as before which I assume is N1, it does have N1 CPC printed on the bottom left hand corner of the 1st page. It has admission form N9A and defence/Counterclaim form N9B. It is from Northampton court(CCBC). Light blue with white boxes. Here are the steps I'm going to take im
  12. I wish I'd found this forum months ago. Some months ago, I filled in a court order form (acknowledged) and offered to pay £1 /month. It was for an Egg loan taken pre 2005 amounting to approx £3500. I got my first CCJ as a result (why is it a judgement evenwhen they agreed my offer?). I've got another court order form sent to me that has to get to them by 28/09/09. This is for an Egg credit card taken pre 2005 amounting approx £2000. Apart from these 2 accounts with bryan carter, I have further 2 accounts (with whom I cannot recall at the moment since they seem to change every few mon
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