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  1. Hi All has anyone had further news frm linder myers about how the case is progressing ? It has been quiet on the forum for the past months ...
  2. Yep , got the letter, sending back the questionnaire tomorrow ! everyone should join !
  3. Storminorman, I agree with you 100 % !!!
  4. Hi MCanney2K, no you're not alone. I'm in the same boat and dead worried. CLC was the worst mistake of my life and I also do wish I never heard of them. Haven't heard from Linder Myers or TCA, good to see here that there might be a light at the end of the tunnel. Looking forward to more updates.
  5. Hi Patch1966 not sure about ashfords, i checked their website and it looks like a real deal, but who knows what the true is, don't really know whom to trust now ! they said in their letter that if i don't pay within 14 days the court action will commence without further notice .. sitting and waiting. I am really worried and I think we should all join the TCA action group. I am too as all here, reluctant about paying the fee upfront, but I think i'd rather take this risk and at least have some hope which the number of claimants give me. I will not be able to afford to fight on my own wit
  6. Hi all just wondering, has anyone stopped paying CLC management / maintenance fee and is now being chased and threatened with legal action by Ashfords solicitors ? Are you all fighting with CLC and the bank yoursevels or have you got solicitor to deal with this mess for you ? thanks a lot
  7. Hi all just to update you briefly - TCA have finalised arrangements with a manchester based law firm who may make a claim in class court on behalf of a compensation group, the court action would be against banks in respect to CLC. The more people the bigger chances for the court action. There is a questionnaire on the TCA website which you can fill out and send back. ps - mustang, are you still there ?
  8. Hi Mustang I was wondering if you had any more news on the court action by TCA at all ? I had an email from them a few weeks ago, that it will be probably early next year before a decision is made whether the action is to be started or not... Have you had any update maybe ? My DCA are threatening me with a court action if i don't pay the whole amount ( over £ 16k) within a week ! good laugh. I also sent CLC a letter saying i'm not paying the maintenance fee.. just waiting on e reply though i know what they will say anyway. CLC - the worst mistake of my life !
  9. Hi CandyLee welcome to the club, I am ver vey angry too. A bit different situation - I have been tryin to cancel a membership with one of the dodgy holiday clubs and the loan with barclays, but they have passed my debt to Mercers who are harrasing me with phone calls and threaten with home visit. I will join happily join the list !
  10. Hi Mustang, thanks for your help, it's a real support ! I just wanted to share my latest experience - I spoke to Mercers ( DCA dealing with my case, I have loan with barclays partners) and told them AGAIN that I am still disputing the decision etc. told them about misrepresentaion ( also sent letter but it does not seem to have helped) and ... they told me that since I am refusing to pay, the nest step will be a doorstep visit !! What's enough is enough, now I am well annoyed ! From what I have seen on this site, it does not seem to be quite legal is it ? This bloody CLC story is starting
  11. yeah .. have I known it earlier .. After my battles with the bank when I was trying to cancel my loan on the grounds of misrepresentation, they have passed my "debt" to debt collecting agency who are now calling me every day , even to my work number ! very annoying and embarassing ! is anyone in a similar situation, ie. stopped paying the loan and is now being threatened by a court action by debt collectors ? I start losing my nerves ..
  12. Thanks mustang ! yes, the sooner the better ...
  13. Hi am in the same boat, stopped paying to the bank and they now bombard me with letters and I get 5 phonecalls a day ! ( though I did send them the gross misrepresenation letter - they just don't care). i wonder - is the website you menioned timeshareconsumergroup.com ? where do i find the list to sign up ? thanks
  14. Hi Yes, I've been to this site before and tried to cancel my membership with CLC ( obviously thye are not accepting my reasoning !) and cancelled my direct debit with bank. My loan provider was barclays partners and not GE Money. They are not accepting my reasoning either and now they are threatening me with debt collectors ... As far as I know TCA are planning to start a court action against banks who support CLC, but it may take a while. I agree with accra, maybe we should act as a group and start something ourselves ?
  15. Hi all what a relief to see I'm not the only one !! Same story here .. been told a pack of big fat lies in the presentation, signed and only now I see what I've signed up to !
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