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  1. When this happened to me, I got a letter from the lender and their sols advising me that they were going to court to seek possession, a short while later the court posted individually to myself, my husband and to any occupants an eviction notice with the date that had been set for me to vacate our property. I then went through the process of the N244 had my case heard before a judge and stopped the eviction. Hope that helps a bit I am sure someone will be along with more help soon.
  2. It is Swindon Borough Council so not far from Bristol. I do intend to make payments to get the debt down before it goes that far. But still find it horrifying that people who are willing to make up their payments are in effect being penalised. Ok I know I should have paid before now, but do want to sort this out and it really annoys me!
  3. I contacted my local council today to sort out my outstanding council tax (which to be honest hasnt been paid!) I was trying to set up a dd and arrange to pay the outstanding balance in installments. I was told that this is not possible at the end of a council tax year as we are due a new bill and my only option is to pay in full - not an option! or to wait until they take me to court to set up an arrangement. I find this horrendous, I am the first to admit it is my fault it has not been paid but to actually refuse me a payment arrangement without a court order (and the chance to add o
  4. Hi there, no expert but I would assume you could send a N244 into court to apply for suspension of the eviction until completion of sale takes place. Hopefully someone with more knowledge will come along soon
  5. The fine is from a dispute with one of our neighbours, not good I know, but in his defence he was looking out for our 10 year old daughter who was only 9 at the time. I will put together a letter for him, and I dont mind doing it as we work together to keep our family strong in all ways, we just both have our strong points and this is not one of his!!!!
  6. I have my ongoing case with the fos, I did however receive an offer of settlement from SPML for a measly £500 which I refused as it was not even a quarter of what they had charged me. This was I believe to refund 3 of the monthly £115 late fees and and 3 lots of £50 fees. I am wondering if there is any chance that the fos will take into consideration the fact they have offered to refund some of them as admittance of them being unfair? On another note, I spoke with Acenden today to query the new charges, in particular the £5 fee for payment methods being anything other than direct debit.
  7. Well still waiting for a reply from Marstons. Hopefully will hear by Friday - if not will give them a call. My O/H does live with me and our 3 children, so we do need to get this sorted between us. He will be making payments but is not good at sorting things out himself lol!!!
  8. No it was our address. Thanks for that. 6 months is much better than immediately. Hopefully they will agree. I have said that we are happy to set up a direct debti as well so fingers crossed!!!
  9. I have received a letter from them today regarding an outstanding fine for my O/H. on the back it states Potential Fees as 1.Compliance Fee £75 and 2.Attendance fee of £200. Further fees can be applied if they remove anything I would assume. Does anyone know if they are likely to accept a payment plan if I email them immediately???? Bit worried as its not my flipping fine and dont want them banging on my door anytime soon!!!!
  10. What a joke!!!! I can't pay by direct debit because the muppets can only take direct debits on 1st of the month and I pay 15th as ordered by the lovely judge from my suspension of repo. I think I will get OH to set up a standing order in that case as I don't want £5 a month added to my account. Just another way to keep you in arrears and trying to get their dirty flea bitten mits on peoples homes!!!!!
  11. Hi, as someone who has absolutely no trust in mortgage lenders/their solicitors or anyone working in connection with them, I would ring your local court bailiffs in the morning to check that this has been done. From my experience they are usually there before 10am, thats when they seem to leave to do their horrible job!!!! If they haven't done what they say, I would chase solicitors again.
  12. Oh thank goodness for that! I have just read your thread and my heart was in my mouth! Mothers are the worlds greatest assett
  13. Sent the email regarding charges from Suetonious to my adjudicatior on Friday. Had the following response today:- Thank you for your email. I have noted your comments which will be added to my file and taken into consideration when I am assessing your complaint. I will be in touch in due course this is one battle I will not give up on - it seems to me that the FOS are trying to avoid the issue, my question is why??????
  14. Well I am not going to give up on this one. So if needs be I will take the matter to the courts
  15. Suetonius. Thank you for your very in depth reply. I have decided that I want to put everything I can to the FOS in order for them to fully appreciate my claim, therefore I have sent this to the adjudicator dealing with my case. Fingers crossed it will help and feel a bit more confident about things now. I will keep you informed of any updates. thanks again
  16. Hi Paxon, the original loan was for something like £350 but to pay in full will be approx £485, the interest payment on the rollover will be about £90. I want to pay about £200 to start getting rid of it!
  17. I too am trying to resolve a similar problem. My husband has been rolling over a PDL with Wage Day Advance for ages now. I want to get off this roundabout and emailed them to ask if he could rollover and at the same time pay off some of the capital. There answer to this was by all means he can rollover but they do not accept part payments. I am struggling with what to do now as paying this in full will really put us in difficulty, but rolling over will not help us get off the PDL rollercoaster!
  18. I have indeed gone through all the protocol to get my complaint to this point. Just want to clarify a few things, Ascenden refunded the £115 which was added in October - 6 months after my initial complaint to FOS, within a month (amazingly quick for them!) The complaint is in relation to all the other charges they have added, to which they have offered me a £500 figure, this was refused for obvious reasons. I will not accept anything less than what they have added to my account!!! I feel that they know the charges are excessive, if they didnt then why try and buy my silence with a silly o
  19. I have started my own thread but so far have not had any response and I would really like to know the best way to handle this. Could someone please advise, I have made a claim with the financial Ombudsman Services against SPML/Capstone/Ascenden whatever they want to call themselves. Over the term of my mortgage they have charged me nearly 3000 for late payments etc. They took me to court and we have a suspended repossession order the arrears (including charges stand at just over 2500) Capstone as they were called in October charged me 115 for late payment but as I could prove their agents
  20. Could someone please advise, I have made a claim with the financial Ombudsman Services against SPML/Capstone/Ascenden whatever they want to call themselves. Over the term of my mortgage they have charged me nearly 3000 for late payments etc. They took me to court and we have a suspended repossession order the arrears (including charges stand at just over 2500) Capstone as they were called in October charged me 115 for late payment but as I could prove their agents had said this would not happen, they ever so kindly took the charge off! I informed FOS of
  21. SUCCESS!!!!! My email obviously rattled a few cages. I received a rather lengthy email back this morning, agreeing to my proposal of £20 per month and advising that my contact details have been removed from their system and that I will not receive any further calls. The only issue I do have is how to pay the £20 they want a call by 5pm today to make the payment over the phone, no way on this earth are they getting my debit card details!!!! Any ideas on how else to pay?
  22. FLM Quick sent an email to my guarantors work email address and it gave a direct link to my/our account. I see this as a data protection breach as they do not know if its a secure address they are sending it to and in this case it is not!! I called them to complain and they just said that they assume that as this is the email given it is secure blah blah blah!!!!
  23. Hi, from my limited knowledge I would say its always best to only communicate in writing. This way you always have evidence of your dealings. If you are concerned about them taking money from your account you should contact the bank and tell them that this company do not have permission to access your account or any money in it and that although you may have had a previous relationship with them it is now dissolved. If you have offered a payment plan to them, keep to what you have said even if they have refused it. Just make sure you dont make the payment by card, into their bank account o
  24. Never one thing I have learned is to keep everything in writing. They have called me at work but I refuse to speak to them and my manager has my manager and told them I am not allowed to take personal calls and we have kept the recording of this in case I need any evidence! I only want to pay back what I owe and am not disputing that I borrowed the money
  25. I am having issues with PDUK and Keyes Whitlock, these prats do not log any correspondance and are really driving me nuts!!!! I have sent them the following by email and would be grateful for your thoughts, and what I shoud do now I am writing in response to the postcard I received from your company today and wish to firstly make a formal complaint. The reasons are as follows:- Your postcard states and I quote "We have tried contacting you by phone and email so far without success. Our agent may be in your area soon, and will be able to make a visit too this address." Fir
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