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  1. In all honesty I dont know why they overlooked this, only difference was that it was sent by email rather than fax. The original response was 28 days from the 10th March but due to pay days and other financial commitments (eg mortgage and council tax) we were unable to pay in that time. My husband has worked so much overtime so we can cover this but I am really scared and TBH am sure that I will be awake again at 4am waiting for a knock at the door if I cant get this sorted
  2. Thank you that is much appreciated. We have faxed over a letter to advise that we can make payment in 2 parts the first being Friday and the remainder on 28th. Are charges that they can issue the same if they come out regardless of what they are collecting for or can this be increased due to the charge? Want to be prepared for all eventualities!
  3. Well have tried phoning them, my husband has given me authorisation in writing to deal with this (that way I can be sure it gets sorted!!!) but they dont have a record of this though they responded to the email he gave me authorisation in by letter!?! I am really desperate to get this sorted as Mr is away with work and as its the holidays my eldest child is home for an hour or 2 before I get in from work and in all honesty she should not have to be dealing with some goon banging on my door. Please please can someone assist?
  4. Morning all, I have quite literally been up all night panicking about this situation after using this site to get all my other debts under control, this one is scaring the pants off me. Basically my OH had an argument with a neighbour over their son hurting my little girl, got heavy, police called and hubby issued a fine. (this was in the days when we didnt pay anything:redface: and hoped things would go away). Well it has well and truly come back and smacked us in the face we owe £655 and Marstons gave us 28 days to pay on 10 March so Friday was the deadline and we just dont have £6
  5. Its such a shame that the judge didnt want to take responsibility to make a ruling, from reading your threads I actually think its down right irresponsible of him. He is a judge, that is their job, to make difficult and potentially groundbreaking decisions. I think you are an incredibly brave, strong, intelligent woman with a bl@@dy strong case, (I had tears in my eyes when you told us about getting the car back!!!). I hope you do the right thing for you and your family and a nice holiday could help!!! Good luck in your future battles, from what I have read so far there is no doubt
  6. Hi Sawyer, do you know how long they get to respond. My letter was dated 1st April so assume from the wording that the letter was sent to the before this date. I am chomping at the bit to know his decision and to hear their response (should be amusing if nothing else after all they are all complete muppets!!!). I am anticipating that this is not the end of it, if he has sided with them, I will appeal and the amount of charges added to our account plus interest is well over £3000 so cant see them wanting to part with that either!!! Do we then wait months for an Ombudsman's decision or could
  7. OMG I have been reading your thread all day and think you are inspirational!!!! My eyes are stinging now but may I wish you all the best in your ongoing battle and this has certainly pushed me into getting my loan agreement (god why oh why did we ever take it out) out and having a proper route through it. Keep up the fight Wannabe ............... as a certain jedi knight would say "the force is with you!" x
  8. I have been speaking to the FSCS. The application forms that are being sent out for Welcome Finance customers are different to those sent out for other companies and are written in such a way that it allows any refund to be taken from outstanding balances. I have had 3 loans and my mother 2 so have personal interest in getting my money back, but I have an outstanding loan with NO arrears and have been told that any refund will be applied to this. If you can tell me where it says they cant do this I would be very very happy to hear as I could seriously use that money!
  9. Just thought this bit of information may be of interest. Any claim put through the FSCS for refund of PPI's on current loans will be paid off the outstanding balance of the loan whether there are any arrears or not!! Seems to me that it is a devious way of keeping Welscum finance in business!
  10. I know that if you send an SAR to that address it will be responded to, but Bankfodder is correct, it will ensure it gets to the right person if you get the name and address of their data gatherer and dont forget use at least recorded delivery as method of postage! Please also remember that Kensington will then have 40 days to send you info. DCAHELP - I think a few lenders use this address, I know Mortgage Express do aswell!!!!! It must be a home for crooks LOL!
  11. Kensington Gateway House Gargrave House Skipton North Yorkshire BD23 2HL Hope this helps.
  12. Thank you Suetonius, I do hope you are right! As I have probably said before the complaint for me is a matter of principle not financial gain (though that would be nice ) I will let you know the outcome!
  13. Just thought I would update you with my claim with FOS for unfair charges against our favourite cowboys!!!!! Had a letter from our adjudicator today saying "I have recently written to the business with my findings in regard to your complaint. I am waiting to hear back from the business. Once I do I will be in touch again." Any ideas on whether that sounds positive, if he rejected it would he have just said that?
  14. I defaulted with them at least 7 months ago too and not heard a dicky bird either! Must say it is rather bizarre!!!
  15. Yes you are. They can change the dates, but hate doing it because they cant add on a £115 fee for late payment. Be careful when paying over the phone as they are starting to charge £5 for the work involved in taking a payment. I take card payments every day and they take me a couple of minutes max, certainly not £5 worth of work!!! If you pay online it is free. In my case it was the judge that ordered my payment date was changed. I am not sure if you can go back to the courts to ask for this, hopefully someone with more knowledge will be able to assist in that. I would however, writ
  16. It took me 4 telephone calls to get access into the site, which is not very informative (in my opinion). The only good thing about it is that it means not having to speak to those morons again!!!!
  17. Well I am surprised, no £115 charge added to my account, I think that could quite possibly have something to do with the amount of fuss I have kicked up about all their ridiculous charges. On a positive note my arrears figures are now down to £2300 which is nearly £2000 less than what they were in June when we went to court!!!! I am still waiting for the adjudicator at FOS to come back regarding my claim for unfair fees refunded, he has everything from my point of view and at last conversation in Feb he was going to finalise his findings. I wonder how long this will take. If he favours my
  18. I can't believe how utterly stupid employees at Acenden are!!!! It has taken me 3 attempts to be able to pay my monthly installment and arrears arrangement. The problem being my husband pays the mortgage from his account and he has been working 12 hour shifts all week so by the time he gets home they are closed and he cant phone from work as he gets a very bad signal arrgghh!!!! So we decided to use their online service and I register the account blah blah blah. I came to make the payment with his card but as I registered the account I couldn't use his card (though he is the joint mortgage
  19. I personally wouldn't be specific about why you want it and ask for a full subject access request and dont forget your £10 fee. You are under no obligation to tell them why you want it and why spoil the surprise for when the complaint comes in!!!!
  20. I would personally just go for the SAR, that way you have every bit of documentation you will need. I have an ongoing claim against SPML/Acenden with the FOS (which FOS initiated for me) following several attempts for them to kick me out of my home for arrears which tallyed up to be at least £3K in charges. I am now waiting on the decision from the adjudicator, but if it doesnt go my way, will be looking at other avenues to get my charges refunded. This funnily enough will now put me in credit
  21. The judge at my hearing wasn't interested in my FOS claim either. I think I have been lucky in the respect that the judge's (yes been there more than once lol!) actually reduced my proposal for repayment of arrears and changed my mortgage due date going forward and providing I continue to comply with his order my home is safe. I just hope and pray that soon the necessary authorities will come to their senses and put a stop on Acenden and their vultures once and for all!!!
  22. I spoke with someone from Welcome Finance's complaints department this morning and they advised that if you have a ppi complaint that they had already been processing then they would take priority at the FSCS. If you have already accepted an offer from Welcome before today's date then they will be honored (or so say!!!). If you go through to the FSCS helpline for Welcome customers, you actually get redirected to Welcome Finance........ interesting!?!
  23. Its those added court costs that really wind me up! They make a fortune every year out of the tax payer and for what!!!! The added charges are just IMHO another [problem] to make more money out of us!
  24. I would be wary about giving any of them your bank statements, if you were, I would advise that you delete details such as sort code and account number especially if this not the account they put the money in to start with!
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