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  1. Just a thought as I was in a very similar situation to you, can you take receipts of payment/bank statements in with you showing the date you pay every month as this would stand you in good stead with the judge and if he is as decent as mine was will change your payment due date. I was very lucky I didnt have any physical evidence but their solicitor was very sweet and confirmed that all payments were made around the same date every month and the judge changed date there and then, this also prevents them being able to whack on £115 every month. Another thing that I have learnt is if you pay
  2. I think you need to find out where you stand in terms of timescale - 15 years of no communication from you is a long time to hold a debt and could well be statute barred as it is so old. If it is nothing they can do, I am sure someone with greater knowlege will be along soon
  3. Thanks for this, I am hectic at work at the mo, but plan to take a good look through over the bank holiday weekend and get this sorted. Just by taking a quick look, the info there is fab!
  4. Hi, thanks for the reply. In answer to your questions:- 1. Approx £2800 excluding interest (I have no clue how to work that out:oops:) This includes legal fees for repo hearings 4 times, although I have only been in court twice. 2. Yes, first charge on the property. 3. Taken around October 2005, but within a few months we were in trouble with it. For some additional info, the arrears now stand at £2274 and I am paying this back at £100 per month by 19th of the month as per court order. This arrangement is actually in credit, though due to their ineptness I have had to
  5. I have received a copy of the FOS decision letter regarding my complaint against excessive & unfair charges, with lots of advice on this forum and some great quotes from Suetonius have had my complaint partially upheld (I can post up the letter if anyone would like a look). the adjudicator has found some of the charges to be unfair, but the biggies namely the legal fees and some of the litigation management charges were ok. He has concluded that they should refund me £925, this does not include the interest I have asked for either! Acenden have yet to respond and he
  6. Any ideas on how to deal with a complaint that the FOS has partially upheld?
  7. I still haven't heard from them in regard to my outstanding loans, its been at least 8 months now, but I do get an email from them every couple of weeks giving me the opportuntity to apply for further lending, how kind of them!!!! Anyone else heard anything?
  8. Hi all, I have had notification from FOS as to what their decision was and both parties now have 3 weeks to gather any additional evidence or it will go in the queue to be reviewed by an Ombudsman. The decision was that my complaint was partially upheld as he felt some fees were fair and he didnt agree that the legal fees should be refunded, ultimately he decided that Acenden should pay me £925. They have known this for at least 6 weeks now but have not responded. In that time, I have just discovered another fee of £115 has been added due to their incompetance in setting up my inte
  9. Have you sent emails to your local MP yet. I would do this as a matter of urgency as they can help get the debt passed back from the bailiff to the council.
  10. I have emailed the adjudicator for a copy - I will post up minus personal details when I get it
  11. I have been advised by the adjudicator of my case at FOS, Acenden have not responded and he has given them to 5th May now and then it will be passed to an Ombudsman. I know I can take the court route at any time, but what would you guys do in my situation, wait for the FOS or hit them with a court case? Help and advice would be appreciated, dealing with FOS is easy as they pretty much deal with everything for you, I am concerned that if I go the court route, I will mess it all up!!!!
  12. I have contacted local MP's a couple of times with regard to help involving council tax and have to be honest, they were very helpful and stopped one outstanding debt getting a LO and being passed over and on a previous occassion they ordered the bailiff company refund the charges they put on. My case was minor in comparison to yours and believe that they will help you. (remember they want your vote as well!!!)
  13. Please correct me if I am wrong, but would you not be able to have the debt sent back to the council under the vulnerable persons section, in relation to your daughter being so poorly (my heartfelt regards and best wishes to you for her). I am sure someone with more know how will be along soon but just a thought.
  14. My husbands wage has just cleared in our account and I was able to juggle some unsecured debts to pay this in full online. I am very concerned by this statement "Please print and keep this page as a record of your transaction. If you supplied an email address, then further confirmation of the transaction will be sent to the email address provided. Please note that you are not absolved of responsibility for the warrant until you receive confirmation from Marston Group Ltd via the post. Please allow 3 working days for confirmation to be sent." Does this mean that they can still send t
  15. Hi Wannabe I hope you had a lovely birthday and took time to recharge those batteries!!!! Good luck with the next stage, I am sure we will all be watching and offering our moral support if nothing else. xx
  16. Well fingers crossed no sign of anyone yet. If tomorrow can come and go without incident we are home free and will pay in full the moment mr slg gets paid on Friday!!!! The worst thing is being awake listening to every car or vehicle drive down the street. I tried to speak with Marstons but all they could tell me was our correspondance was received and it would take upto 14 days to be responded to, it still concerned me and I said as such that though they have received our correspondence they were still unwilling to speak to me as though they had the letters they cant see the content!
  17. Hi, have you got copies of the letter you sent the council? I would be inclined to stick with your proposal to pay the council direct and not hand the bailiff anything towards his summer holiday!!! I am no expert, but recently had issues with my local council and I wrote to every local councillor I could find on the internet and the head of revenues and it was eventually sorted out, this did take 5 weeks though. If you make enough noise the council will take back the debt, as you so rightly said, you are classed as a vulnerable person, it is their duty whether they like it or not!!
  18. Hi Suetonius, thanks for that info. I find it amusing that they give a 2 week deadline and then another and another, where I work a deadline is a deadline, it would be lovely if we got given all of those extensions!!!! I think I will hold out for a few weeks and see what happens, should it go to an Ombudsman, I think I will be asking for help re a court case against them. Thanks again for all your help, I am sure most of the information I used that I gained from you has really helped my case and thats is hugely appreciated
  19. Still no word here either!!! Whilst its nice being quiet its also troubling to not know!
  20. I thought I would just let people know the value of this site, in a word it is PRICELESS! Without this forum, I would no doubt be homeless and bankrupt and though my debt is not cleared, I feel a sense of financial freedom at long last. I am no longer afraid of the Postman!!!! I came to this site as I had no-one to turn to for support, I had kept all our debt a secret from my husband and was fighting to keep my home and will the support of Ell-en and others in the Repossession boards managed to save my home........... twice! When I first came to this site in 2009 my arrears stood in ex
  21. :whoo:Quite a shock when I got home yesterday!!!! Not only had my local council refused to add on my arrears to this years charge, they also forgot to set up my DD for this year!!!! Needless to say I was livid, and I called the helpline (as much help as a wet paperbag!!!) and the fool who answered the phone hung up on me. A few complaint letters later, I have now been told I can indeed add last years charges onto this year and my DD has now been set up accordingly. So anyone wondering if you can do this the simple answer is YES!!! I did write to my local MP's, the Head of Revenues a
  22. That is my feeling too and thanks to your help ploddertom actually feel more empowered. I am trying to have a shift around with my bills this week and get them out of the way completely when hubby gets paid on Friday, with a bit of luck this may be possible. I have resolved not to be bullied and the fines department at the magistrates courts and Marstons are well aware of my payment proposals. I have the fax transmission reports showing they have been received. I will only call them from work as I have the ability to record the call there, but actually dont want to as the thought of it
  23. Thats what I was thinking, just tried contacting them again, I should have authority to speak to them tomorrow, if they add another £200 then the bill wont be cleared until middle of May!!! I certainly dont want this hanging over my head any longer than is necessary! My hubby has written and faxed another letter advising them of our/his proposals and asked them for a response. He also sent a copy of the letter to the HMCS for good measure!
  24. We have not yet had a visit (thank god!) but letters stating the amount owed. They do not seem to have added much in the way of charges, I will need to get paperwork out when I get home. Is there anything I can quote regarding the 6 months to spread payments over, not that I want to do that but to keep the wolves from the door until the end of the month is most definately my priority. Thank you for your help, the knots in my stomach are reducing slightly but wont go until 28th when I will have paid this lot off for good!!!
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