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  1. Congrats!!! We will also be joining you in 3 months, its such a lovely feeling to see that light at the end of a very dark tunnel!
  2. I am not sure what you are trying to achieve by getting people to call you. We have all learned a lot being members on this site and one of the golden rules Ericka11 is not to deal with the likes of PTP and similar companies by phone, written communication only!!!! From reading many personal experience's posted on this site, the PTP staff are rude and are nothing but bullies who try to scaremonger people with threats!
  3. To claim back the ppi you will need to get a claim form from the FSCS sent to you, which comes with a 2nd class Welcome Finance envelope as they are now dealing with all post 2005 loans. Personally I would also SAR's them to find out what this extra money showing on your credit file is and then contact the cra's and get them to put a note (sorry not sure of correct term) on your file stating the correct facts! Sorry not a great help and I hope it gets sorted soon, I for sure regret the day I ever took a loan out with those people so wish you all the best
  4. From my understanding after the high court ruling banks now realise that they have to pay back all PPI + 8% as ruled by FSA. I know that RBS for example failed to offer the correct level of interest incurred and have had to offer many of their customers additional refunds! I believe that with many of the lenders such as Barclays and HFC/Beneficial bank, that they are looking at completing all claims for compensation made (I think) before March 2011 by 31st August, there are standard messages stating this when you call their complaints departments. I know that you can all Lloyds customer rel
  5. They have accepted the arrangement, just waiting for them to confirm S/O details now, so relieved and no bank statement sent
  6. They will accept my offer without having to prove certain bills like childcare if I raise my offer by £26 a month to clear over 4 months, this is fine by me, they still want bank statements so I have told them I dont have a recent one at the moment. How do they take the payments for these plans?
  7. I sent the I&E without bank statments, fingers crossed now. My offer is more than reasonable, we owe £485 and have offered £100 per month, that is what we have been paying to roll it over any way! Will update you when I get a response, hopefully sooner rather than later!
  8. After months and months of putting this on hold for fear really of the constant phone calls and affect it could have on my OH's job, I sent them an email requesting a payment plan. As stated in other threads, they require bank statements and and I&E sheet. The I&E sheet I have no problem with, but this loan is in mr slg's name and we have separate accounts, and all the bills come out of my account, so if I were to send in a bank statement, not only will it show he had a good payday last month due to overtime, but it will just look like he spends money on nothing, which is not tru
  9. I wonder how many of their sharks know about that or rather pretend not to know! I am quite bemused by them and find any telephone call (since my victory over their last eviction attempt 12 months ago) to them rather entertaining. The most recent was when they told me I had to discuss my payment arrangement as they wanted to increase the amount I pay..............ummmm I think not, as long as I stick to what Mr Judge said they can go whistle and informed them of that in not so many words! My charges claim with FOS has gone quiet since they ignored the adjudicators decision that it should
  10. Thats brilliant it will mean that in a years time 2 CCJ's (though one is marked as paid) will go leaving only 1, and so will 3 defaulted accounts! This will leave me showing on Equifax 1 defaulted account and my Welcome loan which will no doubt still be in arrears, and on Call Credit 2 defaulted accounts - 1 payday loan not showing on Equifax and again my Welcome loan and 4 other settled or well managed accounts, thats got to be an improvement! The only other thing that bothers me is that on both these credit searches I cannot find my mortgage with Acenden on either any ideas?
  11. The last solicitor I had for my lender over a year ago now was probably one of the nicest people I could have hoped for!!! I told him that I understood he was there to get a possession order and I was there for the opposite and there wasn't anything really to discuss. He said ok, not a problem, checked some figures, which surprise surprise did not include my most recent payment and that was that. After the hearing he even spoke to me to say well done and offer me help with my other debts through CAP (Christians Against Poverty) he actually gave me the impression he was h
  12. I know that after 6 years debts "drop" off your credit file so my question may sound stupid, but I really dont know the answer!!! I have a default date showing as 24/7/2005 and last update was 21/12/2008 (not sure why they updated then as I certainly did not contact them!) The question I have is would the 6 years be up 24/7/2011 when I defaulted or would it be 6 years since the last update? I have a few like this and am hoping it is not the latter as a few defaulted accounts will drop off in the next 6 months which will be really nice lol!
  13. Did they take the payment from you? Have you kept up with your court order in respect of paying the arrears and normal CMI? If you have not kept up with the order then they can start playing funny beggars, but if you have they have absolutely no right to try and force you to pay more, my lender tried that with me and I very happily told them what they could do with that ! If you havent and need to go to court, in my experience provided you are able to maintain payments going forward and with your circumstances cant imagine a judge allowing the warrant to go ahead. Remember they
  14. That would be ideal, can I set this up before the payment date and if so how did you word it with them?
  15. I am about to try and sort out a payment arrrangement for my hubby. We have been paying the interest of £93 for the last 4/5 months and it is starting to really become stressful. We owe £468 and could potentially clear this within 3 months. Only paid the interest on Wed so next payment not due until 15/7. Would it be wise to set up an arrangement now as I am panicky that they will try and clear out our account and the money we have in there is to live on for the next month as all bills now paid. I am ready to start an email requesting a plan any suggestions would be very welcome
  16. I had a similar experience with CAP 1 - Reduced Settlement for them to close the account without incurring default, they settled on PPI complaint but were able to offset the refund against what would have been owing as citizenb says balancing their books. The FOS said they were in their rights to do it too! You have nothing but your own time to lose and a few pence in stamps and you never know if your PPI plus interest could be worth more than what they effectively let you off paying anyway and you would if they did try and balance the books get something back!
  17. Lendingstream are an odd bunch when it comes to PDL's, a few of us have all tried and failed to set up payment plans with them. No not due to them being a nightmare to deal with, but as your friend is experiencing, they seem to be uncontactable and not particularly interested, very odd I know!!!! My PDL went into default in October and apart from the odd email to ask if I would like further lending, not a murmur from them.
  18. Apart from the regular do you want to take out another payday loan email, not a thing. It must be 9 months now and I am not going to worry myself with them until they bother with me!!!!
  19. That would be great - I only need a 2/3 month plan, have paid the amount over at least twice now, just want rid!!!
  20. Hi, my OH has outstanding WDA loan which he has been rolling over and costing a fortune, has been paid 3 times over now, did you default first or were they willing to set up a plan without defaulting and how did you go about arranging it. OH cant take calls at work as job would be a risk, hence rolling over hoping next month will be better!!!
  21. have you tried co-op, not sure whether they (halifax) will open another credit account
  22. My only word of warning for setting up the standing order is that they will charge you a £5 admin fee for the privalege, so this is something to be wary of. I know £5 a month doesnt sound much but over time it mounts up. After being very very close to where you were today, I make it an absolute priority that once my husband gets paid (we have a court order allowing us to pay in the middle of the month without incurring any charges) I go online and make my contractual payment plus agreed arrears repayment and I do this religiously once a month!!! As far as I am concerned, that is £5 you can
  23. You can pay using their online system free of charge, you just need to register with them, but bear in mind that only one of you can register to use the account online as their system wont allow them to have both names registered!!!! This would mean that you can control how much you pay and ensure they have the payment on time, it also has the added benefit of never needing to speak to those morons again. Just thought having all the options available is best, if you pay by S/O they will charge £5 per month and if they have failed to take the arrears payments in the past by d/d they can and m
  24. I am so pleased for you!!! If I were you, I would make any additional payment you can, it can only go to support your case next time you are in court.
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