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  1. I am having major issues with my local council and would like some tips on how to handle the latest mess please. I hold my hands up to the fact I pretty much didnt pay a penny towards my council tax in 2010 and as I wanted to avoid the nightmare of bailiff visits I contacted the council to set up an arrangement to pay this years and last years at a rate of £178 per month until the end of February. I have maintained this agreement since it was initially set up in May and paid when I get paid at the end of the month, but have had issues ever since!!! The first was a letter in June
  2. Thank you for that. I am actually looking forward to getting my teeth into this now!
  3. Lloyds are saying they will pay up and sending out letters including refund amounts, but whether they will actually pay is another matter, my parents have been waiting coming close to 7/8 weeks now and still no sign of the money!!!1
  4. I am chasing some PPI refunds from Lloyds on behalf of my mother and I cannot believe the utter disregard that Lloyds TSB Customer Care team have for their customers. They told me that if the refund which was offer to my parents at the beginning of July was being paid by cheque then they would have at least another 8 week wait and if they want to call in and provide their bank details (they bank with Lloyds) the payment would take another 21 working days!!!! I asked what their procedures were regarding making refunds and was told a whole load of gibberish and the chap I spoke to actuall
  5. Hi, I was just wondering, is it possible that Barclays will add legal fees to her account for this?
  6. Can someone please tell me when old accounts drop off your credit file. I have a very old credit card account, my Equifax report today shows default date of 25/7/2005 and there is a last updated date in 2008. Would it be 6 years from date of default, ie Monday just gone or would it be 6 years from the last update? I have not contacted either Cap 1 or Lowell since defaulting.
  7. In regard to the PPI take a look on the boards, you will be able to claim it back. Just a thought in connection with the PPI, when did you take it out (ie what year) and who sold you the loan. If you took it out after Jan 2005 and the broker (if any) is no longer trading you will be able to file a complaint with the FSCS and they can get this sorted for you. If the broker/lender who sold the PPI is still trading its a different process, but after the recent judicial review you should have no problems claiming it back. Hope that helps
  8. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?245257-Payday-UK-Wonga-Wage-Day-Advance-Paying-in-details Hope this helps with paying in details
  9. Emma is the one who sorted out my arrangement, perhaps she didnt have a good weekend ahhhh shame hehe!!!! Utterly ridiculous refusing to freeze interest and additional charges and being "so generous" as to say you can make payments. I would definately get that complaint to OFT sent off pronto!
  10. Who do you bank with? I know it sounds daft, but do you have a savings account linked to your current account. Wen my OH was about to default with WDA, though a payment arrangement had already been put in place, we set the alarm for the crack of dawn and transferred all but the arrangement amount into the account to be sure they couldnt touch it. Also could you not for this month only arrange to pay your bills by direct bank transfer or by some other method until a new account and safety of your wage has been arranged and then reset DD's.
  11. Hi, have you claimed back your PPI yet, if not then I would say thats a must too, every penny helps!
  12. Does your salary get paid into the account that they have the debit card details for?
  13. Oh bless you for lasting that long! I found WDA to be very good in sorting out a repayment plan, they wanted an I&E and bank statements (did not provide those) but arranged it all before I was due to default, and all by email - they never called my workplace. I am not too sure about any of the other companies to be honest but am sure someone will come along soon to help.
  14. have you asked them for their bank details?
  15. Call and ask them for their bank details, and dont go into detail with them, at the end of the day it really is none of their business, they are getting the money!
  16. If you make the payment it will clear in plenty of time for the hearing and I cant imagine a judge being impressed at them putting you through this!!! If they do take it to court I would ask the judge to order them to remove any legal fees for the hearing as they are being difficult
  17. do they have an online payment system?
  18. I had a very similar issue with Acenden last year, they tried the line that if it was a loan then they would be irrisponsible to take the money as they would be allowing me to get into further debt. They still took the money though!!!!
  19. I actually found them very reasonable, not sure if that was because my debt will be paid in 3 months, I also didnt have a statement to provide and my payment was due imminantly (apologies for the spelling). Who is it that you are dealing with, perhaps we may be able to advise you of a seemingly more reasonable person.
  20. I think its important to say that whilst it can be scary and PDL companies intimidating taking the bull by the horns and dealing with them yourself is not only FREE but when you get everything sorted extremely satisfying!!! Why pay someone when that feeling is priceless!
  21. Text messages read as follows: "From DebtSupport Want to know a simple way out of your Payday Loan debts, call 0333 5779 601 for a quick chat and let us help you today" I have personally ignored them, but must admit am curious lol
  22. Did you receive a text from them, in the past 2 weeks I have had about 4!!!!
  23. You never know they may even give you a gold star upon receipt of your bailiff certificate hehe!!!!
  24. You are making payments as ordered by the circuit judge, that is good, it shows you are committed to paying your arrears and keeping a roof over your head. I cant imagine a judge evicting you when you have kept to their instructions and as he said before your circumstances are better now. I hope this doesnt spoil your weekend and wish you all the best for Monday.
  25. I have to say that my experience with sorting out a payment plan was actually rather pleasant! No nasty phone calls just very decent emails which enabled us to sort this out very swiftly. The lady I dealt with was Emma Considine, so far so good, 3 more payments to go woohoo!
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