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  1. I am writing this for a friend of mine who is absolutely panicking about the current situation. He had 2 outstanding council tax bills for £177.86 and £406.27 for a previous address. Chandlers now have the warrent for these debts and are looking for (as of Friday) £859. There are 2 main issues with this the first, they are going to his parents house for the money (he moved out months ago) and his poor mum is scared to death and the second is the sum of money they say is owing. We issued them a letter requesting details of the charges etc that I found on here and the response is this:-
  2. Hi Ell-en, thank you its such a huge weight off our shoulders!!!! On my online account it shows as other over due amounts and doesnt appear to have been added to the mortgage balance. They have not said anything about paying these off and whilst I want a £0 balance on there, I could really use some of that extra money a month to clear my secured Welcome Finance loan, which I have just managed to come to an agreement with, that as of now no interest will be added to the account for the duration of the loan. I dont know if I should just ask them or pay a little extra each month mayb
  3. Thanks to the fantastic help of this forum a couple of years ago, I am very very happy to report that as of today the 26 July 2012, my arrears stand at £0.00!!!!! My question is that I do have £505 worth of charges, which were reduced substantially following a complaint with the FOS, is this figure included in the SPO or can I just reduce these over a period of time as my OH is facing redundancy any time in the next 12 months and we would really like to put some money aside so when the inevitable happens, so that we are financially ok until he finds another job or
  4. I dont know when the original order was made, literally the first I knew of it was when I had my payslip handed to me this morning
  5. I had problems with my council tax last year where they basically didnt bill me. They have now gained an attachment of earnings order on my salary for 2 different bills. This means that today they garnished about 34% of my money and have left me in the preverbial (sp sorry!). My question is, whilst I understand that it needs to be paid, I need to be able to afford to live and feed my kids - can I do anything about getting this amount reduced as quite literally after bills, I have minus £50 for food, gas and electric!!!
  6. I dont speak to Cabot but receive a regular statement from them and that is all fine and communicate via email. This is all very frustrating and confusing as I am still paying this!!!
  7. Hi all, I had an account with Citi Financial and it was bought by Cabot some time ago. I have been paying them back at £55 a month and now only owe just over £1000. I have been offered a PPI refund of around £1700 which means I should be able to clear my debt and have a few pennies left for me!!! The problem is Citi has sent me a letter saying that the refund has been applied to my arrears but Cabot have no notice of this and they wont speak to me over the phone and dont seem to reply to my emails either:mad2: Can anyone please advise???
  8. The adjudicator partially upheld the complaint ordering Acenden to pay about half of my charges back to me around £1000, they decided to ignore this and so was passed to an ombudsman. I was happy with the adjudicators decision at least we had some "justice", Acenden have since come up with a new offer of about £600 which we declined, not because we were being greedy, but at least one person had found them guilty of adding unfair charges to my account and to me this offer was I suppose an admission of this. My case is still with an ombudsman, who I have to
  9. As some of you may be aware I have some ongoing issues with Acenden. The first is a complaint via the ombudsman for refund of charges, this has been ongoing for 14 or so months now, but I am patient and dont mind waiting!!! The next is a mortgage with a suspended repo order and this is where my issues lie!!! The arrears they are stating include charges and are being paid at £100 a month on a date set by the judge in court at the same time as my normal monthly payment. Acenden gave me an additional 3 days on top due to payment processing time!! I have been making
  10. Hi all, back again!!! In July last year I had a suspended repo order awarded with Acenden and was ordered to pay monthly installment plus £100 by 20th of every month, which I have been religious about sticking to and most of the time paying upto £5 more than necessary. In July I called them and they advised me my arrangement was in credit by about £40 and as I was having a bad month asked if I could use this against the payment, which was agreed, so off I go and merrily pay my installment minus £40 as arranged. Last night when I was about to put my payment through I noticed
  11. PDE were actually relatively easy, I had in mind and knew that I would have to live on beans on toast for a few months and managed to get them to agree to a 3 month plan of £70 x 2 and £60 x 1, with Txt loan I did the same thing but over 4 months and though I paid slightly more than 1 months interest in terms of their default charges because I just wanted it sorted and didnt want to go through the hassle of arguing for months on end they agreed. I didnt actually give them much of an option with PDE as I made the payment before we defaulted to give a bit of backbone to my request. Also wi
  12. Hi Poppy Who are your pay day loans with and when are you due to default? Have you emailed them to ask for a payment plan? Is your bank account the only one you have, can you get your salary paid into anywhere else? This is important to stop them getting hold of all your pennies!
  13. WDA were very good with us, they set up a plan without a problem. Sent email before I defaulted and plan was set up within 24 hours after a few emails. In terms of bank accounts, many offer basic accounts, such as co-op, they may be worth a shot. You really need to get working on this as soon as poss to avoid having your wages disappear!
  14. Can you get a new bank account, I would suggest you do that as a matter of urgency as these buggers have a way of emptying your account even with cancelled cards. It doesnt matter if it a simple cash account, it will keep your salary safe. This would be the first thing I would do. Can I ask who the pdl's are with? This may help in how to go about setting up payment arrangements.
  15. I thought I would share this as I am actually very excited about the prospect!!!! My OH and myself had a lot of payday loans and by 25 October we will have 0!!!!! Here goes Wonga - £600 loan - Now owe £350.00 WDA - £470 - Now owe £124.00 Lending Stream - £575 (2 x loans) - Now owe £80 Txt Loan - £300 - £0 balance Paydayexpress - £200 - £0 balance Swift - £200 - £0 balance We have both worked o/time etc to make sure that these can be paid in full next month and then we will be free. One thing I have learnt is "if you cant afford it you cant have it" I would much rat
  16. Do not go down the payday loan route, it will cause you nothing but a headache in the long run!!!!! If it means you have to live on beans on toast for a month that is 1 million times better than dealing with these people!!!!
  17. What a lovely boss your OH has!!!!! It certainly wouldnt hurt, I had a friend come with me and the judge only really addressed her when we were finished and said something along the lines of "I am sure your friend will keep you in line!" it was actually quite reassuring.
  18. I have sent off a request for a copy of the solicitors bills, just awaiting their reply
  19. My payments have now been made on time for 14 months thanks to the date change which the judge ordered One more question, in terms of charges levied onto the account and added to arrears to make them look juicier than they actually are - does this include their legal fees?
  20. That info has made my tiny grey cells go into overdrive!!! Can I now get the suspended possession order removed? And how do I go about getting initiating a court claim for these charges. I had a look at the mcol on the web but dont know where to start.
  21. Yes thats correct, the judge did not take any "notice" of the fact that part of the amount they were claiming I was in arrears by included all of their additional charges. And to be honest I was so relieved by the outcome, I failed to bring any more attention to this. I have double checked with them and they have stated that the charges were not added to the outstanding mortgage.
  22. Hi Ell, they have indeed been added to the arrears total and not to the end of the mortgage, this is what annoys me most as if they had added them to the mortgage, I would now have been arrears free for approximately 5 months!!!
  23. I can't find where I have originally posted regarding my complaint to FOS regarding the excessive charges added to my account by SPML/Acenden. To cut a long story short, after getting the application to repossess suspended last year we applied to FOS to have our charges removed - these were in excess of £2000. SPML had come back with 2 offers the first £110 and the second £500. The adjudicator partially upheld the complaint and came back stating that just over £900 should be awarded. This was back in May and SPML didnt respond. Today we have had another letter from a
  24. Thank you for your reply. I have now had a call back from the council who cant understand why I received a reminder as my payment plan is actually £1 in credit! What's the betting that I get another reminder this time next month!!!
  25. Hi there, I know the horror of dealing with Acenden and can completely sympathise and relate to the constant pressure to pay a lump sum and would like to say dont let them force you to commit to something that you cannot maintain. Whilst I see Lea's point that you are getting help from CHAS, I think what this site can offer is moral support and understanding from others who have been in your situation and I would like to offer just that. How is the N244 coming along? Have you submitted it yet? Are you in a position to restore the additional payments and are they realistic and affordabl
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