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  1. I too have the misfortune of having SPML/Capstone whatever they want to call themselves as a mortgage company!!!! After they tried to evict me and speaking to my boss who used to own a very large brokerage, have been informed that I have a case for complaining against the sale of my mortgage as it was clear from the figures that we couldnt honestly afford the repayments and living at the same time. Not sure what or how this can be done but feel that most of us who have to deal with these and I say this loosely "people" (I would like to use much worse words) are probably in the sa
  2. lol Sillygirl that doesnt surprise me they are horrible people! Thanks Janus that would be great, just hoping it will be sooner rather than later. Need to get away from Capstone!
  3. Have they already got a suspended order for possession on your home? From my experience with just getting over the same type of thing you will need to go in front of a judge first for them to actually get the possession order. Ell will no doubt reply to you and she is amazing and will no doubt be able to offer heaps of help.
  4. New update................... Capstone have accepted my repayment offer and am now just waiting for the funds to clear to have the repossession stopped!!!! At the same time my boss is looking into my mortgage for me as he believes from working in the mortgage industry for many many years that my charges are unfair and could possibly be written off/refunded whatever it is they do with them! I shall keep you posted but thank you soooooooooooooo much for your help and support, it matters so much when you are in this sort of predicament!
  5. Its actually an interest free loan from a friend for which we have drawn up a contract etc for and I am expecting to receive a lump sum from some PPP policies shortly. It's actually what I do for a living LOL!!!!! I would just rather get it resolved as soon as we can to stop any further charges etc which at the moment are being charged at £165 per month, though am prepared to see them in court if they do not except the offer. Also we are desperate to be able to get these arrears cleared asap so as to be able to get a remortgage with a nicer company as other than my mortgage all my
  6. I am going through the budget sheet I have a second mortgage does that payment come under mortgage? Stupid question I know but want it to be right!!! Update!!! Just spoken with Capstone and offered my payment of £3400 and went through my budget sheet with them that I had prepared earlier!!!! And said I could afford £150 a month off my arrears. She has said that she will put it across to the referral team and I will know in 48 hours max. She has also said that the date she will put the arrangement for is 1 Nov so I dont incur any more in the way of charges. It all sounded qui
  7. Thank you for that letter. It hasn't helped them be any nicer but not really surprised!!!! I have managed to come up with £3400 off the arrears. My new question is shall I pay all of this off in full if they will come to an arrangement with me in writing or should I just clear what was my arrangement and wait to get in front of a judge with the rest of it? It is just that I have spoken to them and as I dont currently have an arrangement in place they are going to add another £115 in charges on Thursday!!!!! After looking at my original court documents I turns out that at least £20
  8. I really appreciate that. I can fax it to them from work I am sure my boss wont mind. I think I will go over the sheet tomorrow as feeling a little stressed tonite and wont concentrate properly!!!! I know you cant say 100% but what do you think is the likelyhood of us losing our home?
  9. Thanks Ell. I definately dont want to pay £75!!!! I will wait for the eviction date. The staff at Capstone have been incredibly unhelpful so far so any help with letters etc will be extremely gratefull. I have even resorted to asking for a loan from my in-laws but they cannot give me enough money. I just dont want it to get to having the bailiff date given to me for next week when I havent had the chance to prepare properly! Sue
  10. Thanks for the quick replies. The reason for being behind is that my husband gets paid in month and last month we had some difficulties due to paying childcare over the holidays so we could both work! I will be paying by debit card and do have internet banking. I did attend the court hearing and was out of work at the time so hence only paying an extra £50. Do I fill this form out before I get the eviction date?
  11. I have today received a letter from my mortgage company (Capstone's) solicitors saying that we they have written to the court bailiff asking them to arrange a date and time for us to be evicted. We are £1,400 behind on our court arrangement £1000 of which can be paid by Monday 28th Sept. I have spoken to Capstone and they have said that the arrangement has been cancelled and unless I pay £5300 by the eviction date - yet to be set we will lose our home. I am so scared can anyone give me any advice/help.
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