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  1. Can you not go into your local branch and take the money out. I know it might be a bit of a pain but at least your money is safe. Also remember to keep an eye out that the DD's remain cancelled as we were told by my husbands bank this morning that these companies often have a habit of reinstating them at their own pleasure . What I would do is check with your bank the night before payday to ensure they are definately cancelled as they may have time to reinstate.
  2. Well so far so good, I did receive the same email to get me to call them twice but repeated my previous reply to them. No calls today as yet:) and no emails from them either. Maybe our little Irish friend is poorly and will be back to call me tomorrow, bless him, dont think he expected to be called the explicit names my husband called him!!!!
  3. PTP are a nightmare, but mightyroyals is quite right do not enter into conversation with them. I am now in the middle of an email exchange with them in which they keep stating I must phone them.............NO that is not going to happen. Once DCA gets hold of the account apparantly much easier to deal with so just hold out and stay positive, from what you have said you have done everything you can. I am too sure that a more experienced and knowledgable person will offer some better advice soon x
  4. I emailed PTP with our repayment proposals and had a reply stating that we must contact them via telephone........... I dont think so!!! My response was this Thank you for you e-mail. Please once again note that I will only be communicating with yourselves via written correspondence. This is my legal right and also due to the threatening manner in which your staff take towards your customers that I have already experienced. I will not be a party to such discussion. Please direct any communication towards myself in writing. I am not entirely sure if this is my legal right
  5. Hi Maggie, I hope you dont mind but I used your letter as a template for my own to PTP. I did also say that we would only communicate via written correspondence and request that their threatening phone calls end!!!! Not holding out much hope bring on Clarity hopefully they will be better to deal with!
  6. Dont deal with them over the phone, do everything in writing. We have a payday loan with Pounds Till Payday and after my husband gave them a mouthful of abuse we have told them not to contact the telephone numbers again and the only correspondence they will have from us is in writing. They dont like it but its tough. Also save any messages, they are not allowed to threaten you.
  7. You can always make payments to the council via standing order which they have to accept. I have been stupid enough to have had to deal with the lovely people of Chandlers on more than one occassion and I could pay them the full amount but this person was so rude I refused to pay him - he said to me "so you are refusing to pay this debt then" my response was "no I am refusing to pay YOU!!!" I was then passed to his manager with full apologies obviously as I was paying their ridiculously high charges and paid him. If your case went in front of a judge due to their request and you had
  8. Bump!!! The phone calls are getting stupid now, I would like to write to them and deal only in writing but does anyone have an address. They rang this morning - will not speak to me as my husband took out the loan and as I was at work he in no uncertain terms told the chap at the other end of the phone where to go. Not language that I could ever repeat on here I might also add. This is going to cause rows between us and as it happens we are still waiting for my husbands wages to go into the right account so we literally have no money to give them anyway!!!!
  9. This sorry saga continues, even today the court are saying they have had no notification from the solicitors. I have 2 letters one for my hubby and one for myself confirming the reposession has been cancelled and I have now had to fax this over to the court!!!! I will be taking it down there later too! Have to say that Capstone and Glenisters (their solicitors) are being really helpful. According to them the bailiff is due to phone them on the morning of a repossession to confirm and "obviously we will inform them that the repossession has been cancelled" They have said that no repr
  10. WOW!!!!!!! Not sure about the CCJ but that surely has to get squashed, try contacting Experian and telling them about what has happened.
  11. Well the calls have begun, I have also put in writing that we will be making half the amount due in October and the rest in November. As they only have my details, they are unable to contact my husband which is good as he would come to an arrangement that suits them just to get them off his back. I have had such a rubbish start to the day that if they want to harrass me let them, they are the least of my problems LOL!!!! I am going to stay strong and keep to my guns thanks for the support guys
  12. Double U I know exactly how you feel, this site gives you encouragement to fight for your rights and actually enables you to be able to sleep peacefully at night Good luck with getting your life how you want it on your own terms x
  13. Double U I know exactly how you feel, this site gives you encouragement to fight for your rights and actually enables you to be able to sleep peacefully at night Good luck with getting your life how you want it on your own terms x
  14. They are not allowed to charge you a minimum of £80, from what I have learnt on this site £24.50 is the max for a first visit!!! I too have had experience with Chandlers, and have to agree that they only seem to have final notice's they never give you any warning. Dont be scared of them and DONT let them in, if you have a car try and park it where they cannot see it if they do come round. I know someone more knowledgable will come along and advise soon.
  15. Not sure if I have posted this in the right place but am ever so slightly annoyed with Think Banking!!!! We have had our account for a couple of years but have recently been able to open "proper" bank accounts in our own names. My dear hubby however forgot to give his employers his new details in time for payday today! We spoke with Think Banking and advised that after his pay had gone in we would be closing the account and our £17.50 monthly management fee was taken on 2nd October. Today - Pay day - Great or not as the case has turned out Think Banking closed our account on Tuesda
  16. No expert on your rights, but I wouldnt even bother to answer the door to them if they turn up. Have you tried ringing the council to explain this to them. Keep making the payments for the time being would be my advice as it shows willing and hopefully someone will be on shortly to give you good advice
  17. I have their address which is Lloyd Williams Solicitors, 57 Walters Road, Swansea, SA1 5PZ and their telephone number is 01792 450970. Whenever we try to call it just keep getting an answer phone! Thanks for your help, the friends I am trying to help are an elderly couple and £199 is a lot of money to them
  18. I have contacted them and told them the payment will not be in that account so the DD will fail, they said I would probably end up with a £59 charge and to pay it asap. I know it sounds really bad but having difficulties with money this month so if they insist on charging me anyway am going to pay half this month and the remainer next, at least I will be able to feed my kids and keep a roof over my head! I have changed my mobile number DH doesnt have one so let the telephone calls begin, dont mind too much if its a male calling as I quite like the Irish accent LOL:D
  19. Really pleased for you!!!! Sounds like you had a good judge there hope it only gets better for you x
  20. I have again spoken to their solicitors (my boss is going to love my phone bill!!!) who have said that they have now spoken to the courts and received an apology for misplacing the fax and refaxed it to the attention of the bailiff in charge. Apparantly that was an hour ago, cant get through to the court offices now:mad: just keep getting stupid answer phone. Will phone first thing in the morning. In the meantime I am getting copies of all my evidence that this agreement has been put into place, just not sure what to do with it when I have it all together. Sorry if I
  21. Starting to panic all over again now! Have spoken to the courts (really really helpful) They have no record of the repossession being stopped at all, I have spoken with Capstone (I am not even being dealt with by their eviction team anymore!) and the solicitors who are saying that the fax has been sent. They have now told me that confirmation of the repossession has been posted to me and I have also asked for them to refax the court and gave them the bailiff name for who to make it for the attention of. I am starting to feel that paying another £75 to do the
  22. Right I have emailed a copy of the letter (changed to meet my needs of course!) to both the bailiff offices and the town mayor and will be posting tonight. Feel quite excited to be able to rightfully complain and hopefully be compensated!!!!
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