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  1. had my offer and must say feel as if I have been kicked in the teeth with their generous offer of £69.12. I dont know what to spend it all on:mad: I will accept it but want the rest of what they owe me. That insulting offer has made me more determined!!!
  2. How will they be claiming the money? Is it DD or debit card??? Only ask this because you may incur charges on your bank account if it is still open! If it was me and believe me am in the same kind of situation, I would pay £10/£20 to each every month until they are all cleared, that was after you have CCA'd them. There is a thread on how to do that too
  3. I am still waiting to find out if I will be offered anything. Knowing my luck I probably won't get a penny:mad:
  4. I feel very stupid right now but where do we go to make this online complaint. I would dearly love to sting them where it hurts but not really sure where to make the complaint to.
  5. I am hoping that I receive a similar letter as you soon. I was with them between 2004 - 2007 and received extortionate charges. I am slightly sceptical to be honest and though at first was positive I could receive something, I now am getting doubtful. It seems that most of the people who have received offers are getting the offers at much less than what GMAC took off them!
  6. Ahh the delightful Mr Roff, he is very good at calling early, he has been at my door by 6.45am once before and my neighbours extremely early too!!! He will in no doubt try and charge you for the hire of the red van too, which I believe is his as my street seem to be a favorite place of his and he is always in that van!!!!! The charges he has added are quite clearly incorrect as he cannot charge £400 for visiting, in my recollection he attempted to charge me £110 for the hire of his van!!!! I do know that they are in contact with the council as they have actually told me this bef
  7. Council Tax. Not 100% but would think she let him, will check. I have promised to call her in the morning to see how she is, will ask anything you need to help then. She is in from the sounds of things a lot of debt anything you guys need to know I will find out,bless her all she wants is someone to talk to and I cant just hang up without helping her
  8. a regular customer at work called today and I would love to help her. She has a disabled son, is on dla and hubby also not too healthy. She was really upset and embarrassed and told me about a visit from the bailiff wanting "to take my stuff" all I could think was she surely must be classed as vulnerable. Am I right in thinking this and if so what must she do now? The poor woman sounds so scared and depressed I have to try and help. I left work at 2.30 and haven't stopped thinking about her!
  9. I get at least 2 to 3 emails a day from these companies. OK I was silly before but never ever ever again would I put myself through the payday loan trap. If I cant afford it I dont get it simple as that!!!!
  10. I agree with DG, ask your GP and daughters consultant for some evidence. It is DISGUSTING that you have sent in evidence and are still put through the mill at having to explain yourself! As for your little girl, Ploddertom is spot on, I had open heart surgery nearly 30 years ago now when I was just 28 days old, cardiac surgeons in this country are amazing and I wish you all the very best. My thoughts are with you
  11. It sounds like your partner could well be considered as "vulnerable" now that she is pregnant again (congratulations by the way:)) Chandlers are just bullies and want to get as much money out of people as possible so in my opinion, probably not worth much that is why they say that they dont have the authority to return case to council!!!
  12. I just want to wish you well today. I know you are already there but my thoughts are with you and your family good luck!
  13. I just want to wish you well today. I know you are already there but my thoughts are with you and your family good luck!
  14. :)Yes same here, the amount of charges they whacked on to my mortgage had to be getting into the thousands, court charges, no direct debit etc....... just keeping everything crossed now!!!!
  15. I am the same mich, not been with them for 2 years now but am hoping for a bit of a refund
  16. Thanks Rob, that looks great. Yes I think you are right I will wait til DCA gets in touch have a feeling it should be soon now!
  17. Hi all me again!!!! Can I CCA these people and if so how do I go about it if anyone can point me to a template/draft letter I would be ever so grateful . Have been having more silly emails from them and they will not accept a payment plan and my account is being passed to their "external collection agencies". About time too!!!!!
  18. Well I think you have been very lucky there, unfortunately for many of us this isnt the case. If you had the misfortune of having them call you perhaps you would feel differently
  19. Sorry to butt in. Just want to make a point that if you ever ring PTP to discuss your account, you are intimidated, accused of lying and made to feel about an inch tall well that was my experience
  20. You dont have to pay the bailiffs anything and certainly dont have to allow them to levy your goods!!!! You can pay the council directly even if they say they wont bring your account back from the bailiff, their online payment system won't refuse your payment!!!! Not entirely sure of the protocol but someone will be along soon I am sure
  21. Hi all, I have decided to try and claim back the ridiculous charges that Capstone/SPML have added to my mortgage. In my estimation they are at least £3000 and I want my money back!!!! I know how to do it is on here somewhere but cant for the life of me find out how to do it. My boss said he would look into this for me in respect of my mortgage being mis-sold to me but said that I would have to make a case against the broker, who unfortunately for me is pals with my boss, so hence its back down to me!! I have no clue whatsoever as to where to start so if anyone ca
  22. Ahhh my relationship with Gavin has come to an end The customer relations team have emailed today stating that we have been appointed a new account manager who will only be contacting me via email and I should he from he soon.................. RESULT:D
  23. Morning!!! So pleased that you are getting everything in order, I really dont think you have too much to worry about. There are so many things you have going in your favor the MRS for a start!!!! It's not like your arrears are that high really just sounds like Abbey being stroppy;) You have made a payment now, like Ell said showing your committment. Your doing everything right, listen to Ell, she knows what she is talking about keeping everything crossed and wish you well:)
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