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  1. I will be thinking of you tomorrow, what time are you in court? From my own experience please be sure that the amount you offer to pay each month is affordable to you, I didnt to start with hence my situation, just would hate you to fall into the trap I fell into.
  2. I would not give your card details out to any of these monsters. Write to them and ask for their account details to make any payments to and go the traditional route of going into the bank to pay cash. I wouldnt do a bank transfer as I would want to be sure that my new account details could not be accessed
  3. Oh PTP what a delightful bunch of people!!!!! Clarity have only dealt with us via email, not sure they are going to like the one I sent today though as I have instructed a DMC to act on my behalf as juggling all my unsecured creditors has got out of hand and I cant keep up anymore!
  4. That should show what charges were added this period. Have you been paying the mortgage on time, whilst in litigation the current fees are £115 per month for that. I asked the delightful soul I spoke to and was referred to their customer services as they do not have access to those figures????? What I keep telling myself is that their rep is going to tell me that payment of the full arrears is the only thing that will stop the eviction, but not to let them put you off, this is YOUR home, you have respectable proposals for repayment, providing you can maintain this. A judge does not want
  5. Who are they using as their solicitors, I am up against them on Wednesday. Did you ask them what would be an acceptable proposal to stop the eviction, when I did and asked them to put refusal in writing they gave me a ridiculous figure and said no to the letter!!! Try and speak to the duty solicitor they can be very helpful and do you know what your true arrears are, it may be an idea to see if you can find out before going into court. Sorry I dont have much useful info to add but I am sure you will be fine
  6. I approached the Insolvency Helpline earlier today regarding my unsecured credit, not really that much compared to some, but more than enough to leave me in a pickle and being unable to cope with dealing with it all myself. £4000 with 9 different creditors/dca's. They passed me to Byrom & Keeley and the woman I am dealing with seems lovely, even giving advice regarding my impending court hearing against Capstone in relation to suspending a respossession order. The plan as it is - £100 per month - £30 for their costs and £70 towards my debt. When my mortgage arrears are cleared which
  7. Thanks Fretful, that reply is amazing!!!! The broker should definately have realised the payments were too high, we were in arrears within 3 months! We had to Self-Cert, my husband was on a relatively low income and I was a homemaker Their fees were added to the mortgage Had no clue regarding the commission paid by the lender Mortgage definately sub-prime!!! I am in court on Wednesday to appeal the eviction notice and once that is over I am going to start this process. A massive massive thank you Oh and the fees did make a percentage of the mortgage
  8. I have tried to find the info I need on the SPML thread but it is too long!!!!!!! I believe that we should never have been sold our mortgage with the aforementioned cowboys and would like some help in doing something about it. I have seen companies advertising this service but want to do it myself as (a) not got the upfront fees they want and (b) anything I get back I dont want to share with them:p So my question is where to start, is there some kind of template letter I can use and what can I hope to gain from this. I just want some kind of satisfaction as this company are
  9. N244 submitted and the hearing is on Wednesday at 2pm. I am due to make my payment of £600 for June tomorrow, this is my monthly installment plus money off the arrears. I am inclined to make the payment to support my application, but as I usually make this payment by debit card I need to know what to get so I can use this on Wednesday, as we all know that Capstone are fantastic at losing/misplacing payments!!!!
  10. Just a quick question, should the court see in favour of Capstone, would we still be able to make the payment of £1200 that they said would stop the eviction or would going to court cancel out that offer from them. Would rather not as would mean borrowing money from my mum who is struggling herself but bless her heart would do anything to help me
  11. That is fantastic, thanks Ell, will keep you posted on how things go
  12. Thanks Comebackjimmy. I have decided that I will not be in touch with them now until I see their solicitor in court. What does panic me a lot is that I have been here before and this is the first time they have refused my offer - new ground for me here!!!! Will this affect the judges decision? I have printed off the N244 form and filled it in as before, but do need desperate help with the statement. I would like to put in there the reasons behind missing May's payment and that I have put a complaint into FOS regarding the charges and also the fact that no help was off
  13. They told me I should have a decision in the next 24 hours. I have logged a complaint with FOS about the charges and the fact that repossession was a first and only option. I am now looking into Pre Action Protocol as advised by Shelter I strongly believe that this has never been applied in my case. I will let them know that when I call tomorrow!!!! Quite prepared to see them in court too just need a new arrears/charges statement my last one is from January but showed £2500 + in charges, my arrears & charges total including Junes payment only equals £3719.55!!!!!
  14. Hi Ell, yes have explained my reasons for missing the payment and told them that I will resume with my agreement this month on the 15th as previously agreed with them. They said they are awaiting a decision on whether this is acceptable. The May payment is the only missed payment since the arrangement and the new eviction date is 21 June, they are getting quicker!!!!! I am going to contact FOS today to sort out my complaint regarding charges, things have been so hectic this was put to the back of my mind, I also want to complain about the way my account was handled with them. My new arg
  15. Hi all, its been a while but Crapstone are at it again!!!! To cut a long story short we have been keeping up with our payments plus the extra £250 a month - no problem. Then my son had a serious operation and was in hospital for about a week. This caused serious financial difficulties and we missed Mays payment. So guess what we are now back fighting!!!! Letter from solicitor arrived saying that they had applied to court bailiff for eviction date, just waiting for that. Can anyone help please ............ sorry to be such a pain
  16. I have just made another complaint regarding Welcome Finance about the harrassment I have been getting since the compliance department have done PART of the "cancel & rebook" Following my 4th phone call from the witch at my local branch I lost the plot and asked her why she was constantly phoning me whilst my account is being dealt with by the other department. As calmly as I could I explained that following my conversation with the department yesterday, I was under the impression that my new account had been written but they were yet to do the redress in terms of what I am entitled to
  17. I did check with the Ombudsman first and they told me they were in their rights to do a new agreement, but this has to show no insurance calculations at all. This is how it has come about that I am getting the refund of the other rubbish they added on Homecare 24 and all that malarchy!!! I have also been told that all the payments I have made must be taken into account and this should only leave me stuck with the idiots for 3 and a half more years arrgghh. The figures I have done are really rough and only take into account statutory interest not their interest not sure how to do that. S
  18. We took out a secured loan for £10,000 with Welcome finance back in March 2006. On top of this £1850 was loaded for PPI and £225 for other insurances. We ended up putting our complaint through FOS and have been advised that we were successful ! Spoke to the compliance department today as the loan is ongoing and have had to sign a new agreement with NO insurances whatsoever. The lady was suprisingly lovely and advised that the new documents have been received, gave me the new account number. From what she could tell me the redress has not been calculated and should be done in the next
  19. I am not sure if I am posting in the right place but we are considering a voluntary termination of our car finance agreement as we are in need of a new car. Our payments are virtually up to date with 1 missed month which we are clearing monthly. We are 23 months into a 41 month term. To settle the account in full will cost £2100 for the car to be ours and they have told us we are eligable to hand the car back at a liabilty of £167, plus any expenses to make the car saleable. This is my concern, the car is a 51 plate, no major body damage just a few scratches, has 10 months MOT
  20. Never ever saw a debt advisor, just spoke to the lackys on the phone!!!! The wording used by the FSA that is to "compel firms to consider all options for borrowers. Repossessions should always be the last resort" should be tattooed on every director at Capstones head as from what I can tell, it is their FIRST resort!!!
  21. Thanks on the case. I will write to them and ask for their invoices from the solicitors these alone total £1300. Are they obliged to give me this information? I have to say was very surprised at the speed of their response it was 2 weeks today that I phoned FOS to get them to initiate my complaint!!! I have also instructed my mum to do the same, too many complaints cannot go unnoticed surely:D
  22. I have managed to sort out my financial mess and arranged payment plans etc with creditors. My problem lies in budgeting. My hubby and I get paid different times ie him the 15th and me last day of month. We get tax creds every week and cb every 4 weeks. Nearly all our bills leave on the last day of the month but things like, utilities, shopping etc come out on various days of the month. It sounds simple everything to come out of my pay but I dont earn enough to cover it all, only half and during the month we always seem to overspend:oops: In the past I have used an online calende
  23. I am glad that I just dont sound greedy!!! Now do I tell them directly that they can stick the offer where the sun doesnt shine or start the process with FOS??? And any ideas on what to say as I want to have a good argument and case against them, apart from the obvious they are evil robbing barstewards!!!!!
  24. After successfully staving off a repo by SPML/Capstone, I made a complaint to FOS regarding the level of charges imposed on my account. These were £2500 and my actual arrears only £800. Today they sent me a full and final settlement offer of £445 which I dont think is acceptable. The charges were made up of legal fees, litigation fees, DD fees etc. Where do I go from here. If they would come to at least half of it I would accept, not be especially happy but would think that was acceptable. Is that being too greedy or expecting too much? I would appreciate any advice
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