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  1. Just a thought, for a bit of sport, has anyone tried sending an invoice to a PPC for the time taken to read and respond to any letters they may send? Maybe you could enclose your T&C's - £90 for every letter received and read, £150 for every letter sent...
  2. alan shaw is fuming on there: Alan Shaw Controller UK Debt Ltd Posts: 1 05 December 2008 15:48 I dont know about anyone else, but i really am getting fed up with these consumer advice web sites which tell people how to evade paying their debts effectivley. My company has had so many letters recently informing us of what we can & cannot do. Everything from...not being able to visit debtors homes without prior permission to having to provide credit agreements etc.. What can be done about these websites? They are costing us too much money/profit & i know they
  3. write back and ask them why they are sending you alf's t&c's!!
  4. the £200 will prob include transfer to "short term cover" - much higher premiums. should be a £35 cancellation fee.
  5. thanks for info. underwriter doesn't seem to know much i'm afraid - i always get a call back tomorrow, we'll have an answer!!
  6. cheers Trojan...I've got the breakdown sorted - found a great value online service through insureandgo. another query: my policy insures me to drive any other car on a 3rd party basis. There is no stipulation that this has to be in UK. Do you think I am correct in assuming I have minimum cover driving another car in France? cheers
  7. i've scoured the small print and can't find anything! good idea to contact them thought thanks.
  8. I've just calc'd from old statements that there is £80 in charges... there's always the option to reclaim these, but to be fair I suppose they would just reduce the alledged outstanding balance... debt is 3-4 years old...
  9. Evening all, I'm taking my car to France for 2 weeks soon and whilst I, as policy holder, am insured fully comp, it doesn't mention anything about other named drivers on the policy. Quote from policy docs: "Cover also includes 60 days comprehensive cover within the EU." Has anyone any knowledge/experience if named drivers are generally included in EU cover, or indeed, if they are not? Cheers
  10. ok above letter sent today... i'll let you know when/if I receive a reply...
  11. the 9% isn't retro to nil - you only pay 9% on anything above £15k, so even if you hit £16k, you would only pay £90 for the year...
  12. linz - did you ever get to a resolution on this? my egg "agreement" follows the same template...
  13. crikey that's a long one... but i like it! thanks for that drob. just for clarity, which page are you contending is just T&C's - the first page? I think i may omit the "current" from your first paragraph of the letter body as it is dated in 2002??
  14. tbh i'm not 100% the 2nd page relates to the 1st page! there certainly appears to be something missing after the 1st page... can you elaborate on why it's not a true & executed copy? Need to send a written response maintaining that i do not recognise the debt... cheers
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