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  1. thanks for all your help,i'll see what i can do.cheers. ps i think i've still got a copy of my written notice.
  2. never had no agreement with hfo or any contact with them. should it have been 3 who had any right to put defaults an my credit file?the letter from roxburghe implies that hfo passed the debt onto them to "chase".my original contract started with 3 in jan 2004 and i gave my notice verbally and in writing in dec 2004,but they kept billing me for months after,that is where their final bill for £118 came from.which i disputed with 3 then.
  3. 3 will not have any dealings with this anymore,and it was hfo who put the defaults on my credit file.3 just keep refering me to hfo.i never had any dealings by mail or otherwise with hfo.i gather that roxburghe are part of hfo too?
  4. it'sbeen a while and i aint made much progress.anyway i now find this 'debt' has been passed to some company called roxburghe[again without any corespondence to myself]had a letter from them saying hfo had passed it onto them to collect and that i must now pay £208.11.immediatly!they sent me a statement from 3 from which i worked out what i already knew,i only owed £69.80,but 3 were very unwilling to send me a bill for that amount,which is what i requested.what do i do now? help
  5. can anyone help explain to me about something called statute barred?
  6. thanks to all for the advice,i'm working on it.
  7. i stupidly took out a 3G contract in jan 2005[12 month contract] when it was near the end,i spoke to them over the phone to give them my 30 day notice to end the contract.then from feb/march they still kept sending me bills for airtime.i phoned and complained,they said they would investigate.heard nothing til 22/6/2005 when i got a letter from wescot dca demanding £128.50.i phoned and explained i was in dispute over this alleged debt.got a response by post from wescot dca on 09/08/2005 saying they would investigate my complaint.i phoned wescot about a month later to find out what was happening.they told me they had sent the debt back to 3G. I heard nothing more of this until i checked my credit report and found it has now been passed onto some company called HFO services,who have posted a default on my cra file saying i've defaulted for the last 8 months. i've never had any contact from HFO or from 3G informing me they had passed it on.now i've found i can't get any additional funds on my mortgage because of this. PLEASE CAN SOMEONE HELP/ADVISE ME as to what i can do? thanks:-?
  8. been thru my disciplinary meetings,and the manager made the decision to issue me with a final written warning.totally ignored my side of the story and tried to bully the only witness to give him the answers he wanted.even though the witness told his side of events the manager has said that the witness said certain things that back up his view of events,even though non of the things are in the witness's statement.the manager has informed me that i can appeal to the company MD.which i have now done,but got a memo from the manager today to say that i can write to the MD to appeal but must put in writing my reasons for appeal.[i'd already sent off my appeal letter with no reasons stated] do i have to state my reasons before the hearing? or can i just bring them up at the hearing? all help and advice gratefully recieved. thanks
  9. i work in warehouse/distribution business.an incident occured 25/8/09 between myself and another employee,where he had said something about me and i tapped him on the shoulder[he was working in a noisy enviroment,machines and a large stereo on full blast]and said to him that if he had anything to say to me to say it to my face,and told him to grow up and get a life.another employee was close by but did not hear all the words i had said.i walked away. the employee whom i spoke to complained to his supervisor about me,who in turn spoke to the w/house manager about it.the w/house manager asked me about it and told me it was classed as a threat. next day when it was 10mins before the end of my shift i was told by the supervisor that i had to attend an interview with the w/house manager in his office straight away.i went into the office and was questioned about the incident[in a 1970's police style interview] with me sitting and the other two sitting up on the desk.i was shown the statement written by the complainant,and read it.i was asked several q's and my answers were apparantly written down.i told them i didn't want to comment as i thought i should've had some notice in writing and have a witness present. on 7/9/09 i was given a letter from the w/house manager stating that an allegation of an assault by a fellow employee had been made and that i was to attend a meeting on 8/9/09 with him. attended meeting with a witness for me and someone from admin was there to take notes too.at the end of the meeting he told me that he would look at all the evidence with the person from admin and they would decide what action they would take and he would inform me of his findings in due course. on 16/9/09 the profit centre manager[pcm] was on his way out of the office when he said to me"i will sort out the letters on friday and arrange the meetings for monday as i don't want to f**k up your weekend". on 21/9/09 i got a letter from pcm requesting a disciplinary meeting on 24/9/09 with him regarding an allegation of assault and aggresive manner by another employee. on 22/9/09 the w/house manager spoke to me and said that he had forgot to tell me the day before that the result of his findings had been passed to the pcm[didn't actually say what his findings were] today i was given copies of all statements,only to find that what was written down was different to what was said at the meetings,also the one witness statement took the tone of a police interrogation,were the questions took on the form in my opinion that the witness was being bullied into giving the answers that the pcm wanted to hear[repeatedly being told tell the truth,you are lying etc]also asking the witness if someone[ie me] had been threatening him and or had been trying to get to him.i have got this meeting tomorrow and i'm really concerned that it won't be very fair on me.i have worked for this company fr 9 yrs with no disciplinary problems,and have been promoted while there,and i'm trusted as a key holder to this multi-million pound business.just seems like they trying to get rid of me with no real evidence,i gave a full and honest statement of events to them,with no reason to lie. please help:-?
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