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  1. Im sorry for the questions i am just so nervous about tomorrow. What other forms of documentation can i give to him? Can i ask him to provide proof of a warrant, distress warrant etc.. can i tell him to go away as my partner is dealing with it through the courts? Any advice will be great, only a few hours!!!
  2. I Miss Of Do solemnly and sincerely declare that the items listed below; · 19 inch Murphy LCD TV · Red Corner Sofa · Sony Vaio pink Laptop · HP Deskjet Printer · Xbox Games Console · Xbox Games Are not the property of Miss, they are mine and have always been my sole property. Therefore in event of any seizure of goods you are NOT permitted to take any of the above items listed for recovering and or repaying any monies allegedly owed. Disregard for the aforementioned will result in the appropriate and prompt legal action bei
  3. Hey Silly, thanks fir the phone chat today. K isnt going to work tomorrow so if he comes we are both going to deal with him. She is going to offer to pay in installments we are not going to let him in and i am going to tell him everythings mine. we ive on a main road so im sure people will see x x
  4. No but i will do tonight. So what youre saying is, if i do not answer the door he will get a locksmith tomorrow to come in? What if i block the door and add inside locks?? This is ridiculous! And i shouldnt send him a text now to say my partner isnt here and he cant take anything as its all mine???
  5. Im going to get that done Pink, do you think he reallywill break in tomorrow if i dont answer?? i live on a main road so people will see.
  6. Where can i get this decleretion? Also we have no means of contact other than text/email as no credit on my mobile..
  7. I would also like to type up a letter so that the concerned bailiff knows that i know my rights. I have checked his name on Certificated Bailiff and it came back with the result 'not found' The 2 letters he has sent to me he has ALTERED by scribbling things out and adding his own time slots on. He has also highlighted certain things like 'LOCKSMITH' etc. He has refused to give me an office number. Refused installment plan. He was rude, and hung up on me. He was pushy and aggressive on the phone. I would like to list al of these in my complaint. Are there emai
  8. I have made a word document with bug red letters saying 'VUNERABLE PERSON, DO NOT CAL OR DISTURB, THANKYOU' I will put that on my front door. Will that be enough to stop him from hammering on my door? Im sorry for repeat questions.
  9. I have spoken to the very helpful sillygirl who has calmed me down and given me lots of help. I need help in composing a letter to the bailiff to stick on my door. The first letter is going to say what sillgirl has put abouve, and im going to add to that that i am a vunerable person and the police shall be called if i continue to receive these threats. The second letter i would like to let him know i am aware of my rights regarding what he has done. Can anyone help with that? I am going to see whether K can get the day off work tomorrow so we can bot go to CAB, leaving the
  10. what kind of thing can i text this bailiff or put on my door for when he comes? hes never been in the house and we never received prior letters etc about this bailiff! just when he turned up demaniding money im also too scared to leave the house, not that i would have anywere to go though
  11. Also we are new to the area, i have no friend nor family up here, i cant ask the neighbours. i cant ask anyone to come and be here ='o(
  12. Thank you sillygirl.. im worried the police will do nothing, do i call 999? =o( If im honest with you, for the last few days that k has been at work i have had all curtains closed, i have added extra locks to the front and back doors, i have put cardboard over the letterbox so he cant see in, i have added anothe lock to the back gate and put the wheely bin behind it etc etc and when he knocked i sat on the staircase with the dog, shaking violently, i have difficulty answering the door to delivery men let alone some man who will probably scare the life out of me. Im worried tmorrow he
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