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  1. Hi and thanks HB He asked to go and give info to file a separate greivance about P but when he turned up for the meeting the manager said 'tbh I dont think anyone will look at it' he got the impression the manager thought it was just tit for tat on his behalf as this was the first he had heard about it (not the DM reported to before). You're right about P he hasnt shown anyone anything, he likes the sound of his own voice and unfortunately his is the only one it seems that is being heard. Everyone in the store dislikes P, including management, and the DM who didn't take bf's complaint further has actually tried to talk P out of making this accusation on 3 occassions. Bf's health problem is a long term one yes, although he is fit to work at the moment - will need to look into DDA as wasn't aware that may cover him. We wrote a letter to the area manager a few days ago covering everything that had happened, which also included the manager who said would 98% likely be sacked also say my bf 'cant keep running to area manager everytime he has a problem'!! I will pass on the bullyonline.org website, thanks HB. At the moment my bf is really quite down and upset about the whole thing, as he feels he is being punished for the things that are happening to him. Thanks again
  2. Hi, No, he wasn't given a chance to arrange to have anyone go with him. He went into work one night and was asked by one of the manager to go to the office for a meeting
  3. Hi, I'm actually writing on behalf of my boyfriend. He has worked for a large chain of supermarkets for roughly a year and half, which has always had its problems but for the most part he was able to just go to work, do what he was asked to and leave with no problems. At the start of this year he was signed off sick for 6 weeks throughout this time he was called at least once a week asking to come in, when handing in sicklines was put down by boss/supervisors etc, then when he went back to work, was told to sit on a checkout as that was all he was good for now. Several other things happened, there were health and safety issues, harrassment issues, and just general unfair treatment by management to all employees not just him - this was sorted out quite recently by an area manager. Around a month ago, one guy who had transfered to the store my bf works in started making sly comments to him when no-one else was about - this escalated to full blown bullying, taking the 'p' out of him, me and his family, also the occassional elbow to the ribs etc when they were walking past each other. Several other employees have witness this. This boy, lets call him P, even asked to speak to my bf in private and told him if he didnt 'drop his attitude' he would lay him flat out! My bf went straight to duty manager that day and reported it as was getting fed up, however DM did nothing about it. 2 weeks ago P went to the DM and said my bf is bullying him! Had assulted him and been verbally abusive! My bf has now been suspended on full pay in order for them to do an investigation. He went to the first meeting and was told on cctv both of them have their backs to the camera and it LOOKS like my bf tripped P up, which he didnt! He told them about previosu problems with P and the fact he went to DM and nothing was done even though he has witnesses to this behaviour. Bf is still currently suspended and had disciplinary meeting in the next week or so (waiting on date). He wants them to actually investigate the real bully here, P dosnt have any witnesses to anything bf has supposedly said or done to him apart from this CCTV which my bf hasnt been allowed to see and the manager holding the investigation meeting said LOOKS like he's tripped him up! He was told at last meeting there is a 98% chance he will be dismissed for bullying and assult! Is there anything he can do? neither of us really have any experience with anything like this. Thanks, sorry its a bit of a rant!
  4. Thanks rebel. I havent paid anything for a long time as I have been so ill. I've had so much time off work, my job is in jeopardy if I have anymore time. I have 2 weeks booked off on annual leave soon though so will be able to relax then and know my job is safe, and I am going to have enough money to get to work next month. I suppose my main problem is no matter which way I look at it, I just dont have the funds to actually pay any of these people. They keep threatening legal action but haven't actually taken any, but how long does this go on for?!......
  5. Thankyou for quick replies. I had PPI on barclaycard card but that was cancelled when card was cancelled. I still dont feel strong enough at the moment to face these people. I am doing well to be back at work and coping but feel completely exhausted at the end of the day. Bank fodder - I did an income and expenditure sheet that I got from CAB (they gave me a template) but all I have left when everything is paid is £5.13 - not sure I'm going to get very far with that offer! My car is very small and relatively cheap to run. I need the car to get to work obviously, but also for work.
  6. Hi, I posted a few times last year re debt but since then my mental health has taken a bit of a battering and now I feel swamped and don't know where to start.... Bit of background info - my partner left me last year with a lot of what was meant to be 'our' debt, approx 16k altogether, including a loan from RBS, cc with barclaycard, 2x catalogues and car finance. I feel like a complete idiot now, as all the debt was in my name but when we were together we did split it. Anyway, since he left me I have had a mini-breakdown, have been extremely depressed, paranoid and over-anxious. I do have a full time job, for which I get paid relatively well, but due to cuts etc there are no jobs in my field in my area so I am currently commuting 140 miles per day. I tried moving closer to my job but this proved to be more expensive and I became even more depressed living on my own. Due to all the travelling, I am spending approx £360 a month on petrol (at the moment, but god knows what it'll be if petrol goes up again). I am always skint by the time I pay that, my car (the only thing I havent defaulted on as I need it so desperately to get to work) and various other things i.e insurance, bills, food etc. I never go out, or buy things for myself as I never have spare cash. I am constantly getting harrassed by DCA's via letter and phone. I just don't know what to do. CAB sid they would write to them but when I went back and said they're still as bad as ever all she said was "thats just how they are!" I was starting to feel more like myself again but recently had another load of letters and can feel all my hard work slipping away.
  7. What you are describing doesn't sound much like PF - ask for a referral to a Podiatrist as GP's are often quite hopeless with feet! I get hundreds of referals from GP's stating a patient has something and it ends up being something completely different. It sounds more like a biomechanical problem, in which case a full assessment and possibly orthoses should help.
  8. Hi Allnight, I am a podiatrist - regarding your bilat PF - you should have seen a biomechanics specialist and had orthoses made, has this happened? The PF may also be connected to hamstring/knee and back pain so perhaps something you may think about. Some areas of NHS have a self referral option. Who actually diagnosed your PF? As you say, it is the opposite of the 'usual' symptoms. As for mental health - you state you have met two people that have been diagnosed as bi-polar and are certain it's not that....I don't mean to sound rude, but many people manifest illnesses in different ways and I don't think making a judgement like that is right. Hope you have managed to see a Psychiatrist re: these problems. As for the 'money' issue, unfortunately...it's the truth. The NHS are strapped, as we all know, but it is left to people like myself, to have to tell patients in pain/need that these cuts have been made. I find it very difficult to have to tell someone that, I'm sure most health professionals do. It's not your GP's fault, as it is not mine, and unfortunately the vast majority of the general public don't think that way and it is frontline clinical staff who 'get it in the neck'!!
  9. Hi again, To cut a long story short, I was previously seeing a CAB advisor and we had both decided my best course of action would be sequestration. He advised me because I commute to work, and I need the car for work (house visits etc) then I would be able to keep that out the bankruptcy even though its still on finance because I had continued paying that consistently only once asking for an extra week but never missing a payment. The car is worth approx £2500. Anyway, my CAB advisor has left and the new person that has taken over well we dont really get along and I feel like shes really judgemental....sooo wht I want to know is if I apply for the bankruptcy myself can I just leave the car debt out? Do I have to declare it then say but I actually want to keep that debt?! i have reccently started a new job aswell and currently on a 3 day contract but there has been a lot of overtime over festive period so I've been working near enough full time - am I right in thinking they cant count overtime or any temporary contracts of employment in my income? I'm really confused. Sorry its so long!!
  10. Just a quick update! Still nothing from HR (bullying tactics all along I think!!) have got a permenant job elsewhere so it's my last day at the old place on Thurs. My boss seemed pretty annoyed when I handed my notice in on xmas eve so I think I may have ruined some more bullying plans they had for me in the new year....shame!! Thanks so much to everyone that gave me advice
  11. Thx Ida. I wasnt sure if I could, my CAB advisor has left and the woman thats taking his place dosnt have any appts til end of FEB!!
  12. Hi, Can you fill the forms out yourself and put in for your own sequestration through the LILA thing, or does it need to be signed by financial advisor/cab advisor? Thanks
  13. Thanks, I have kept a record of meetings etc as have my witnesses that came to meetings with me. Will keep you all updated with anymore shenanigans!
  14. Thats exactly what I think Natalie, however *fingers crossed* I have an interview on wednesday and if I get it can tell them to shove their job! Welshmam - Thats what I thought they'd do aswell but then again that costs money and why waste money when they can just bully you into leaving?! lol
  15. Short update - Still nothing from HR - my line manager thinks she'll forget?! (such good practice isnt it). I've been back to see my GP and discussed it with him and he said he doesn't see any reason why I'm not fit to work and the main aim in my treatment is to make sure I continue to work, so told me not to worry about it!
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