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  1. Thank you for the great assistance so far. You were right though, i don't know what a Subject Access Request is and I wouldn't know what to say when i go visit the local Trading Standards, I'm a bit of a fool when it comes to this sort of thing.
  2. Unfortunately not, on several of the telephone conversations the person on the other side has repeatedly said to me "the conversation is being recorded for our records, are you happy with that and can you state clearly that you wish to voluntarily terminate the agreement?" to which I replied "yes". Every conversation, be it calling the number on the back of the agreement, the Glasgow office or the customer complaints department just ends up with nothing being done. Beginning to think I'd be better sending them a bill for just short of two years storage on my parents property!
  3. Hi folks first post after reading many topics relating to the monkeys that are (un)Welcome car finance. I still have the car sitting on my driveway after attempting to VT my agreement in Jan/Feb 2008!!! After numerous letters sent and phone calls taken, all of which they claimed that the car would be uplifted soon, the b*stards have hit me with a letter from lawyers demanding settlement of the account. I paid 18 months of the agreement then attempted to VT as are my rights? the car has been here for 20 months now and not once has any representative of welcome visited my home to get the car.
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