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  1. I doubt they'll up their bid (another of the PFF has already been denied this request) so I've asked FOS for a copy of the actual agreement they want me to sign. I'll make my decision once I've read it - can't wait to see what they come up with!!
  2. Sorry I haven't been on here for a while - for some reason my access was blocked for several months (something to do with Chinese autobots??? ) P&B (via the Financial Ombudsman's office) have offered me a paltry sum of money to drop my FOS case and advise ASIC & the Privacy Commissioner my complaints have been settled. My debt was stat-barred before they even began contacting me and I'm not really out of pocket (aside from a few registered mail letters) as they never managed to get a cent from me. It's never been about the money for me, just want to ensure no-one else goes through the
  3. Welcome to the PFF Greeno....it's a fun ride How long ago was the last activity on your alleged "debt" Pie & Beer are trying to extract from you? I'm hoping it's been over 6 years, therefore statute-barred and unenforceable. Was it also with Sharkleycard?
  4. What exactly was the purpose of posting this Seevee? As mentioned above, this is pretty basic reading and one of the first documents we all found during our research - obviously Pie & Beer need to make themselves a lot more familiar with this material, as (in my experience with them) they have actively & deliberately gone against every guideline in this report.
  5. I'm intrigued Seevee - what is your situation exactly? And which battle is just starting for you? Are you the legal representation for Pie & Beer's MD?? Any updates from ASIC/ACCC/PC/FOS from anyone??
  6. Seevee, much as I've enjoyed your input, my knowledge regarding Stat-barred debts has come from my own research - Plonkers constantly harassed me for months (excessive phone calls at work, written legal threats & claims) over a 300 pound "debt" which was over 7 years old at the time the harassment started. Plonkers tried to mislead me into believing it wasn't Stat-barred, which is a tactic obviously successfully used against those without a basic understanding of Google. I found your advice to... "2) Politely ask plonkers never to contact you again re. the alledged debt. Third pa
  7. I'm sorry See Vee but Statute-barred = Statute-barred. The status cannot be changed once the 6 years is up, unless the "debtor" admits the "debt" in writing in a SIGNED letter, which is not made under protest (page 8!) Plonkers phone monkeys make 38k plus commissions (I saw an ad - found it very amusing!!) Checkout chicks probably make more & they don't have to sell their souls either......
  8. Not sure about the claiming compo thing in Australia - there doesn't seem to be any hard & fast rules such as in the UK. Anyone aware of any previous Australian cases that might be relevant?
  9. Just an update on my situation - I sent a very strongly worded fax to Plonkers last week, as their phone monkey kept harassing me at work and, as a final straw, threatened a summons if I didn't call her immediately. I think the fax must've coincided with the fallout from the Veda meeting - because, as if by magic, I then got a letter in the post from their "compliance manager" apologising for the inconvenience - it appears my "debt" WAS statute-barred all along (it's over 7 years old!) and they have removed the listing from my credit file. I also received an email from Veda shortly after
  10. Goodness me - that's a new low!! ASIC and the Privacy Commissioner will be very interested in that one - make sure you let them know. Plenty of help here for you with making complaints and writing letters blackdogupya! EDIT - definitely will be statute-barred and not allowed to be listed on your Credit File then. I'm so pleased you managed to find us, long story.......
  11. Oh - totally forgot to relay the bit of info I picked up on this from my new friend at the WA LCC! Apparently, it's common practice to sign a letter "The Company", because the action is being taken by the "law firm" (and I use that term loosely in this case!), not the individual employee. Speak to our friends at the WA LCC regarding this - it may constitute unethical and unprofessional behaviour, justifying an investigation by the LCC.
  12. OK cool - thanks for that! I think I may have been getting confused with something I read elsewhere about Sharkleycard getting some kind of judgement against me in the UK before being able to onsell the alleged debt. This judgement would be dependent on me being a resident in the UK at the time (or at least in the country with a UK address), otherwise the judgement would be deemed invalid....or something like that?!?!?
  13. Hello all! I am one of the merry band of Australian Freedom Fighters along with Bodgit, Dodgydebt and Davedu. Thank you for the insight you've provided so far here - it's all very interesting & helpful! Sharkleycard onsold an alleged 300 quid overdraft (which I still have no proof of!) to our favourite DCA here. I have been harassed no end by excessive phone calls, threatening legal letters and a black mark on my credit file. All of these have been reported to the appropriate agencies (ASIC, Legal Complaints Commission and the CRA) which are still in the investigation stages. The
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