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  1. Gosh, had a quick read through the Single premium PPI Q&A this is going to take me some time I think. So just thought I would grab the accounts for the other business that was less complicated. I can see from statements that yes the letter is correct in the fact that the statement shows 9th September 2004 insurance for £1832.48 going out. It also shows an arrangement fee for £375 going out. The total loan amount going in is £27207.48. These seem very odd amounts to me. The repayment each month is £584.80 So I was trying to work out how much of the monthly payment is for PPI whi
  2. Well I have probably all the bank statements already as they went to the accountant and I then have to keep all the accounts for years (being self employed). Having said that it would be easier to just pay the £10 than to route through years of accounts to find statements. I have to admit I really do not understand this PPI thing. What I can gather so far is that I have paid PPI premiums, I believe this was added to the loan up front, therefore I would have paid interest for the PPI because it was added to the loan that I paid interest on. So I am assuming if i can some how work out how much
  3. Hi, Would that be the same as the DSAR that they have suggested and sent me a form to fill out for. It would appear they want the £10 for each account? If I go down that route what am I looking for when I get it (have no idea what information it will give me). surely it doesn't provide all bank statements interest, charges etc, or does it?
  4. Hi, I was recently contacted by Lloyds to tell me I may have been miss old PPI on my business account. In deed I would have been as I have never knowingly had PPI due to being self employed and believing it wouldn't cover me. I also asked them to look at another business account I had with them. I had two separate businesses. The first Business (lets call it T) account it appears they managed to add it to 3 loans, therefore I believe it impacted on every loan that was replacing the last. As well as adding PPI to its overdraft. I have been offered £2791.38 settlement but no one can give
  5. Thank you for your advice, yes I am sending cheques to MBNA, I figured that if i just continued to pay them then I have not accepted that I owe moorcroft or anyone else any money (which I don't, my debt is with MBNA). If they choose to cash the cheques and pass that on to someone else thats up to them. Since my hysterical outburst to chap at moorcroft I have received a letter from them today stating, Thank you for contacting us to discuss your account, we would confirm that we are prepared to accept your offer of monthly payments of £1. Interesting considering I didn't contact them
  6. After many years of having 2 x credit cards with MBNA I started a second business that failed leaving me in huge debt. A couple of years later I sold my other business wanting to get out as the recession was hitting. I continued to pay the credit cards for as long as possible but what with my Husband being made redundant I soon ran out of money. With three children to care for I came to an arrangement to pay MBNA each month £1 towards each credit card. In August this year I was diagnosed with cancer and I have to admit I didn't pay the £1 to MBNA (mind was else
  7. Hi, I am at my wits end. My husbands employers have changed his commission structure and now his on target earnings are down £9000 a year. He started with this company in September after leaving another company that did exactly the same thing to him last year. In the car industry lots of new cars are sold in March each year, so last year the company back dated a new commission structure to include March (commission is always paid a month in arrears) and the new employer this year decided to bring in a new commission structure last month (January) and has already started using it although my hu
  8. Hi, I am just begining to look into this, I am not sure that the mortgage sent out new terms and conditions when the fixed rate last ended early this year
  9. I want to move house, If the mortgage company we are using at present will not move our mortgage to new house after doing a new credit check can they charge the early settlement penalty of over £9000 as they would be forcing us to change mortgage companies. Lady on phone informed me today that if they refused mortgage for the same amount on new house It would not affect my present mortgage on our present house! So they have the power to stop us moving house or leave us with no option but to pay them £9000 pound (easy profit for them) Surely they could decline just to make easy money. I am n
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