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  1. And finally, today:
  2. Received a letter from Restons today: "Kindly note that we are no longer instructed in this matter."
  3. Never heard any more about this account so I assume it got lost on its return to Halifax. And by now it'll be statute barred.
  4. Good point and congratulations. Been meaning to post my own update, which I now have here. And a similar happy ending!
  5. Had a brief flurry of activity from DLC (who now own this alleged debt) including a statement for every year they'd held the account, each in a separate envelope. Then early November they said the matter would be referred to Restons, their solicitors. Sent them the statute barred letter (six years from July 2009 by my reckoning), receipt of which they acknowledged, saying they'd be in touch shortly. A threatogram also arrived from Restons so I sent them a copy of the statute barred letter. Since then I've heard no more other than another annual statement on 15 December. Checked my credit rating with Noddle and that one's no longer listed.
  6. Don't think you've read it correctly. I'm not paying them anything. I am paying the CoOp (for whom I had CCA requests some years ago). My question is about the letters from Debt Managers (Services) Ltd.
  7. I have two CoOp credit card debts, of £2,700 and £9,000 respectively. Although I'm not convinced that they hold enforceable CCAs or were defaulted correctly I did agree with them in 2010 to pay £1/month into each account in return for an interest freeze. In 2013 the CoOp told me the debts had been assigned to Cabot but that payments should continue to be made to Fredrickson, who manage them). I've maintained these monthly payments by SO throughout. At the beginning of the month I received a letter relating to each account from Debt Managers (Services) Ltd claiming that they were now managing the accounts on behalf of Cabot and that I should pay the SOs to them instead of to Fredrickson. I've heard nothing from Cabot or Fredrickson. Debt Managers have phoned several times but I've refused to go through their security checks and told them to supply some evidence of the transfer. I notice, also, that in both cases the last digit of the quoted credit card account number is incorrect and the reference numbers don't match Cabot's, although the debt totals seem OK. Should I do any more? Anyone any experience of them? I don't want to waste time and money making a CCA claim without good reason.
  8. I had a £3,000 overdraft facility on my RBS current account which I used to the full (!) but was unable to maintain repayments on following illness and ending up on long term sickness benefit (ESA). In January 2012 I reached an agreement with RBS to freeze the interest on the account and to pay £1/month by SO. This has been reviewed and renewed each year, most recently in April 2015 for a further 12 months. I've maintained payments throughout that period and maintained good relations with the bank. Last month I returned to full time employment. I'm willing to re-pay RBS's overdraft but want to be careful about how I go about it – agreeing no more than is necessary. So: 1) How soon should I notify RBS of my change of circumstances? 2) Is there any point in offering a full & final settlement? If so, at what %age? 3) Should I expect interest to be applied to the overdraft in future and, if so, how much would be reasonable? 4) If I make a repayment arrangement what is likely to be seen as reasonable? (I also have about £25,000 owed to various credit cards or DCAs, mostly with similar arrangements in place.) I have two other unblemished and unconnected bank accounts into one of which my salary will be paid so would continue to pay RBS by SO. FWIW my RBS account is in Edinburgh (I transferred it there from England to avoid a threatened takeover by Santander) but is now managed by their collections department in Birmingham.
  9. My MBNA debt (now owned by Hillesden's) will reach its six years about the same time. I'd assumed it would become statute barred as I've had no claims issued – just annual reminders and occasional offers. After reading the info at this link I'm just left confused, though.
  10. Not long to go now! A 75% discount isn't bad and is probably a fair estimate of what I've had from MBNA without all their extortionate fees and interest rates. I might be tempted to pay if (a) I had the money and (b) it was going to MBNA rather than a DCA. Or maybe not.
  11. I may have to go undercover.
  12. Exciting day. I've not only been offered a 75% discount but I've been promoted to their "Debt Surveillance Programme", which may include: • Instruction of a Field Agent • Enquiries into financial circumstances 'for up to 6 years' • Regular checks to confirm residential address
  13. They're scary, aren't they? You can see why they can be so effective at getting payment.
  14. Yes, thanks to you. These are my only two active ones. I have a few other CCs where I've agreed payments of £1/month.
  15. A further postscript to this. After being told the account was being returned to Halifax I've heard no more - other than a response to my SAR (received in July '12) neither Halifax nor anyone else has contacted me about this (alleged) debt!
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