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  1. This has been my experience with these vultures. It might help others. I fought and won against the last Debt Collections Agency. They never had the CCA so closed the file. Out of nowhere Fredrickson International Limited picked up the account and sent me an URGENT, ring us NOW to PAY the full amount NOW within so-so days OR ELSE letter. I wrote back to say the account was in dispute and to return it back to original creditor. They wrote back with the same threatening template. I ignored them. When they sent a threatening court letter, asking me to ring them again, I decided it
  2. Yes but how much sleep have they lost over it? My guess, none. ;-)
  3. I am so grateful for this post as this is the experience I have had, personally. And I have to say that this is precisely how the HR in my last company behaved after 7 long years working there. I was the foolish few who believed that the HR is there for the common person who has shown nothing but commitment and achieved a lot of success for the company and who had done nothing wrong. But then comes an inexperienced manager, wanting to downsize and re-structure the area. This inexperienced manager lies, cheats and sacks staff. HR finally stepped in and also did all they could to
  4. I'm sure someone will ease your mind on this and I'm sure it's 5 days from when you get the decision letter and not 5 days from when the letter is addressed because then they would not have followed their final procedure by allowing you to appeal. So don't worry, just get a good appeal together.
  5. A quick question on the recorded delivery stickers... you just address the env, place the sticker on it and pop it in the post? And from you proof it always get delivered? Everytime?
  6. I bet someone thought chasing a refund for all charges was a bad idea or a waste of time before the first success was ever reported. I understand what ppl on here are saying about extending the 6yr time but at the same time I'm also liking the idea of making these b!!!!rds pay. Let us know how it all gets on.
  7. I wonder if I can get away with offering 5%. I'm close in closing one account (750 left not even close on the other 5) how much can I get away offering on the 750 one?
  8. Thanks for the quick reply UnmoderatetheNet.
  9. Has anyone had dealings with these people? http://www.collectd.co.uk/. Their website doesn't say much. Are they internal egg reps or are they an external debt collecting agency that now owns the account? I haven't found any info of these people on this site.
  10. I'm sure it will be very useful farcedirect.
  11. dx_

    Crafty Abbey

    Hah! That is exactly what they did to me. They refused to refund me. I complained more than once and eventually demanded they close my account. Guess what? They repaid back the charges and compensated me further for the stress caused. Might be worth a try.
  12. Has the egg default been removed? See my last post. :-|
  13. I can understand your frustration. I too dislike the way they handle/mis-handle the simplest of tasks. I used to be like you and did everything by telephone and now that I know otherwise, I say stop. Write everything down. Write letters and and keep copies safe. Have proof of posting where needed. Don't lose your head. And stop talking to them on the telephone when it can be avoided. I managed to get a great result and compensation by wrtiting to them. It took time but keep at it.
  14. dx_

    dx_ V hsbc

    Thanks Johnnymitch, that's most helpful! In that case, another letter should hopefully do it. Thanks again mate.
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