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  1. Believe that my wife has claim for PPi miselling against Santander / GE Money from 2001 as she was pregnant at time, not working and has medical condition. Requested three times a copy of the PPi t and c in force at the time that agreement was taken out, but nothing received. Idiots sent me a letter telling me they had investigated my claim and were rejecting it, even though had not even made a claim!!, We just requested copy of T&C to that we could check it before deciding if we had a claim or not. What can I do to get them to send them so I can make proper claim? Can I write to them and
  2. Ok, more time now. Noticed that due date of payment is not until 3rd Feb. Also noticed that letter from Apex states that they will honour agreement with BC until 23rd June. I have letter however from BC saying that agreement will be in place until 11th August, so somewhere along the line all is not right. Think that i will send CCA request to BC first on basis that whatever info Apex have does not seem to be right anyway. Sound like a plan?
  3. Ok, so slightly differing opinions here!! What to do?!! Are CCA requests still of use after the court cases last year. Suppose it depends on terms as to how a notice of assigment should be sent. Can BCard send by normal post, accompanied by a letter from Apex,and for it to be valid?
  4. Great, and will this cover the assignment of the debt as well?
  5. OK thanks, and the CCA request to Apex themselves? Is there a template anywhere to use for this?
  6. Thanks for advice. Am worried though as to whether i should make the agreed monthly payment due on 20th, perhaps telling them that it is on a without prejudice basis? and that i am making the CCA request etc. What do you think?
  7. A long time, at least 15 years, maybe more. Late fess, yes.
  8. Thanks. Have not gone down CCA route as yet. Do you think I should? Next payment is due on 20th so should I pay to Apex? Will this prejudice anything? Have had the card for years, at least 15 years I should think.
  9. Ageed reduced monthly payment plan with Barclaycard last year, all payments made on time, repayment plan extended to June 2011. Today get letter from Barclaycard with one from Apex telling me that "we have transferred the debt you owe to Apex, formal notice of assigment and closure of account blah blah, telling me balance at 24th December being date of transfer. Letter from Apex enclosed saying that balance has been transferred as at 13th December, and account active from 24th December and that all further payments to be made to Apex. Can BC do this,why are dates all over the place and should
  10. Anyone able to assist on this, as I need to send the allocation questionaire thingy back today and I am a bit lost Thanks
  11. Back again. Have received allocation questionaire. Seems to me that first question asking parties under civil procedure rules to make every effort to settle is being ignored by claimant. Shall I try this route first? Also see pre action protocols question, which given that my request to supply information under CPR31 or whatever it is also has not been complied with. Any comments would be welcome.
  12. Am sure I have, but cannot lay my hands on it now. Need to file embarressed defence today, so should I be stating that I am defending whole claim, on basis that they have not supplied any information at all, despite my request. They even wrote back to say that they would not supply it.
  13. URGENT HELP PLEASE When filing my embarassed defence online, do I say that that I am disputing the amount claimed?
  14. Can anyone point me to an embaressed defence. Do I have to send this as part of defence online to the court? Thanks
  15. Shall i reply or ignore then? Any guidance on preparing the defence?
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