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  1. just spoke to my bank this morning is it right that they carry on adding charges untill this court case
  2. thanks all for your information.how would a claim form be written out. thanks all
  3. hi can anyone help please. I cancelled a standing order with a company and they carried on taking the money and as i dont use the account with nationwide anymore there was no money in there.i no now i should of cancelled with the bank and thats what they keep saying.after 9-10 months i get a phone call saying im overdrawn and theres nothing they can do i have to pay it back even tho its all charges.i feel like im being robbed by them as ive never had the money.is there anything i can do at this stage as i have not paid a penny. thanks
  4. just racieved letter of brian carter stating they have been instructed to close the file after sending them that letter.im over the moon.does this mean i can have the default taken of my experian? thanks you guys for all your help.
  5. is there anything i can do untill it gets stat barred in 7 months. thanks
  6. hi. i defaulted on a current account about the same time,does the same apply that i might get out of it because of the agrement when they come chasing me coz no doubt they will.
  7. yes it has an account number and im not sure as ive never made no contact with them.
  8. does the prove it letter have to be written out a certain way?
  9. it was only a friend who has had dealings with the same 2 companies and ended up paying it.he said im running out of time they will start court proceedings verty soon
  10. i was told when the letters arrive with brian carters letter head from fredricksons they are going 2 start court proceedings if i dont contact them.ive had a default on my credit file for 5years plus now and being so close 2 having it statue barred i dont want a ccj.
  11. sorry its hasnt been 6 years yet about 5years 6 months.thankyou anyway.can they start court proceedings if they cant contact me?
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