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  1. Ok just to finish off this thread and say a large thank you to everyone who helped, here is the letter I received today.
  2. Thanks for the support this far. I hope you're right and the next letter says the matter is closed. I will of course keep you informed.
  3. Another day, another Wescot letter.
  4. what's worrying me is if my ex has been receiving mail from UU for me for the last 10 years and never said anything! I can't remember if I told them I was no longer responsible for the utilities at that address?
  5. Hello again, Above is the reply I received from Wescot today 28/09/09. Is any further action required at this point? Thanks Sarge
  6. Cheers Huff&Puff, I've sent off the first letter today and will see what, if any response is forthcoming before I do anything else. Having read quite a few other cases on here, it would appear, in my humble opinion, that it is indeed statute barred. In summary then, I'm being pursued for a statute barred debt which isn't even mine! There must be some kind of law against that surely?
  7. Well if it is the water bill for my old address, I haven't made any payments for that address for approx ten years. I have been paying utility bills for another address since then however. They can threaten me all they want. I'm afraid they've not picked on an easy target if it's a fight they're after!
  8. Ok that's sealed and ready to go tomorrow. Will re-post with any reply. Thanks so far
  9. Thank you - I am in the process of copying and removing the 'we' bits. Should I send by normal post or recorded?
  10. Hello, today I received a letter from Wescot saying they had been instructed to collect a debt of £1866.87 on behalf of United Utilities. Naturally I rang them to enquire as to how I owed this amount of money when I had all my bills paid up to date. It transpired that this debt is for an old address where I lived c. 10 years ago with my ex partner. She has recently moved out of that address and Wescot gave me a 'finishing date'?? of this year sometime. Here's my question. This letter is the first contact I've ever had regarding this debt. My details have been readily available on the elec
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