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  1. Hi Everyone , god i haven't posted for ages since Xmas!. I just wanted to say thanks for all your help, and as from 12 december 09 i've heard NOTHING!!!!! Not a tonk!!. So am so Glad i DIDN'T PAY! I stuck my guns after 5 letters from end of September i think until december 12 th ish . So there are definaltey success story. Stick at IGNORING THESE THIEVES, do not correspond at all , don't phone hoping they'll be nice, don't write hoping for a let off, because i didn't and it'a all blown over. x:)
  2. hi there all i haven't posted for a few months now but would like to inform you all that no action has yet been taken after having 5/6 letters from UKPC . The last i heard was a begging letter late november last year, asking for half of the charge! as a gesture of goodwill from ukpc (they were willing to reduce the charges) lol . What a farce!! . Anyway i stress that I DID NOT ONCE contact them or make any correspondence at all. So please ignore and don't be scared . It is alarming at first but then you think well my solicitor is on my side and so is this forum! so bugger off you thieves. goo
  3. hey everyone haven't posted for a while but seeing as there as a few worried people on here thought i'd help out. I am on my 4th letter from UKPC since beginning of September 09. I DID NOT RESPOND and i STILL HAVEN'T. The last but one letter said if i paid in the next 7 days they would take a discounted charge of £50 as a pose to £70. But if it wsn't paid it could rise to £200 etc... bla bla... The i had another letter 2 weeks after that stating the exact same, but adding that they were doing me a huge favour by still accepting £50 off me. That was around the end of november 09. My solicitor
  4. Please do not respond !! Ignore totally. I'm on my 7th letter saying debt collectors are on the way. My solicitor laughed when i showed him the letters. It's highly unlikely anything will become of this. As soon as you respond you have made the first point of correspondence and then they think they have you and will badger you more . Takes a lot of guts and it is scary.
  5. IGNORE IGNORE IGNORE Honestly i'm on my 6th letter from UKPC ( same horse different jockey) . The letters will come sometimes 2 a week . Please do not pay these [problematic]. I'm sure everyone else will advise you the same. It is a bit daunting but trust this site. I got done in tesco car park, they fines me initially for 35 then because i didnt pay it went up to 70, then another letter claiming for 70 , then a silly letter with bogus other charges which amounted to 175, but still 70 if i paid within 7 days, then another letter 2 weeks later the same letter ! lol , Then 2 weeks ago a silly pa
  6. hello fellow short person (mustang28) lol. Thanks for the post, a girl after my own heart!. I'm so hoping this will go away before christmas but never mind if it doesn't. I know i won't be paying, and if i had planned to i would have very early on ..... I am very cross about this incident and i know the disabled bay disabled badge rules so it infuriated me even more that they actually wrote to me to tell me the rules of owning and parking in a disabled bay !! . ( my badge had blown off the dashboard onto floor in the wind when i shut my car door). Anyway i refused to be bullied like
  7. hi everyone me again as i wrote the last post i received a lettr again from UKPC. It reads Further to our "Notice of Intended Litigation" We have referred your case to our Client and proposed issuing County Court proceedings against you. If the case reaches court and judgement is obtained costs may increse the debt as follows..... Current balance....£70 Solicitors fees for issue of claim.....£50 Court fee issue of claim form......£30 Solicitors cost for getting judgement (by default) Total .... £175 HOWEVER in order to avoid this, our CLIENT is prepared to ac
  8. thanks letshelp, hisnibs, and shandy, I appreciate your comments, it is always reassuring to read time after time that i am doing the right thing and am not alone!. Will keep you updated on the site. I am still ignoring these wally's . Fingers crossed nothing much will become of it. x:roll:
  9. Hello i haven't been on for a while just thought i'd update. Basicially i'm getting scared.!!. I have had the letter that follows the £70 charge, and one after that , that stated court action , then one 2 days later!! Asking for prompt payment within 7 days or court will proceed and cost amounting to £175.... So Having spoken to my solicitor who didn't really know much about these scenarios ( parking [problem] companies) I am none the wiser as to what to do i am to scared to contact them and state my mitigating factors, because then i have corresponded and i don't want that! lol. Anyway i ho
  10. o right i see gosh that many invoices! wow they don't give up do they !. Really weird though. Hope they are not waiting for some law to change and grant them access in the form of fining us! That's why they keep sending letters ha. Right ok well that's put my mind a little more at rest, thanks. What's your charge gone up to now lol. one million pounds? x:lol:
  11. hi everyone i'm just updating my situation. It's been almost 4 weeks but yesterday i received another letter from UKPC. The charge has now incresed to £70. I phoned tesco and moaned about the whole thing, and the woman who had obviously been told what to say in this instance said to phone the number on the ticket!!! ppppffffttttt. As if !!. Anyway she said it's NOTHING to do with tesco, and my reply was well you must have something to do with them! , to give them permission in the first place to give out tickets in the car park!!! STUPID!!. Anyway i have yet to correspond with UKPC. But Not lo
  12. ha Exactly !! I'm just a little concerned that my case is to me slightly different as i forgot to put the disabled badge on, and that is a hefty fine in my local council run NCP car park. I am expecting loads of letters from them, i was half in the middle of writing a letter to them and phoning tesco to see if they have any say so in overriding this stupid charge. But will prob do nothing now as advised. UKPC have a websit now which i didnt find last week? anyway will just have to be brave and not contact them. Scary.
  13. thanks, i want to take that avenue but being a nervous soul am quite terrified of all the correspondence and keep thinking ' what if it's me they take to court?' !! . Was even considering phoning the tesco branch just to see what they'd say and if they could waver the charge. These companies are so horrible as if haven't got enough on our plates! Will keep updating on this forum for advice and encouragement .
  14. hi, im new to this site but have read many posts. Last Friday i got a UKPC charge for parking in a disabled bay with my disabled daughter at tesco car park. In my flusterred state for one reason or another i forgot (for the first time) to display current and valid disability badge . I was in the store for 40 mins. When i came back to car charge was on windscreen me MORTIFIED. Asked the car park attendant what to do showed him my valid badge and he said that he was ' knackered now' becaused he'd entered the charge, and to appeal because many of them are being written off?. Anyway received jok
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