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  1. Hi, I’ve got an ongoing employment tribunal claim and I desperately need some help completing a schedule of loss. I’ve tried to go through multiple solicitors but I just can’t afford them and I don’t qualify for legal aid. And then add that the CAB has been useless as I just haven’t been able to get through to them either in person or on the phone  Anyway, my first claim was submitted in March last year and my second in February of this year. To begin with it was my ex-employer’s (at the time current) failure to make a reasonable adjustment and also discriminating against me by instati
  2. Hi all, I've raised a Tribunal against my ex-employer on the basis of disability discrimination, including, failure to make a reasonable adjustment and unfair dismissal. More details on the how and why are in my previous post, http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/employment-problems/234563-employment-tribunal-looming-respondent.html Anyway, we have had two days of the tribunal in December and due to the snow in January I am still waiting to reconvene, which I have been advised should be in June/July. During the first two days of Tribunal the respondent admitted that I
  3. Ah well no longer a problem, they dismissed me last Thursday anyway... again cos they aren't willing to make the, more than reasonable, adjustments I've asked for... oh well another tribunal ahead methinks!
  4. Just been dismissed, so I'll appeal that and then probably take them for unlawful dismissal, should be interesting, especially if the reasonable adjustment is agreed by the Tribunal!
  5. We reconvened the disciplinary hearing earlier, and now waiting... and waiting (2 hours so far) to find out the decision. The biggest stupidity about this whole thing, is they have no excuse for the way they've treated me, apart from what I've asked them to do to resolve all the issues is "not policy"! You wouldn't believe what a**eholes these people can be, and this from one of the largest employers in the country! Was going to give a hint as to who it is, but it would be far too obvious... oh sod it, they've recently been bailed out by the government!
  6. That's the intention, though now I'll have to do that after the statements have been exchanged... well at least my statements as they have to amend theirs!
  7. Oh an currently on a short recess in the disciplinary hearing whilst the manager makes a decision as to whether I'm sacked or not
  8. Got a copy of the letter the Tribunal sent to the respondent's solicitors today. They have been told that the Judge is seriously considering throwing their response out, they have until Tuesday next week to provide a reasonable excuse as to why they have not complied with the Case Management Order. Woohoo, let's hope they can't come up with an excuse the Judge thinks is reasonable... Also I'm betting, having spoken to someone at the Tribunal service yesterday, that the Judge won't like what they've done with the statements in addition to farting around with the bundle!
  9. I had one letter from ACAS saying they'd be in contact... guess what, no contact! lol I'm surprised the Tribunal haven't been able to help you, my local office has been really helpful with asking to get their case struck out and have been almost as ****ed off about it all as me! May not be working there after tomorrow as they're currently disciplining me for the same problem I'm taking them to Tribunal for and got a results meeting tomorrow, to me that seems a bit stupid as it's less than two weeks to the Tribunal. Hey hum, I hope they give me the boot, then they open up a massive c
  10. I wrote to the tribunal and advised them what has happened, they have issued a case strike warning and the respondent has 7 days to sort out the bundle. However, we exchanged statements yesterday, I say yesterday, but there's arrived in my email at 2 minutes to midnight! Their's are unsigned, so I don't really want to start working on them in case they amend them. Had to contact the Tribunal again today as the Case Management Order restricted them to 6000 words for all statements, may seem pedantic but they had gone up to 10,500. I was told to write to the tribunal as they wouldn't be happ
  11. Just been sent my employer's statements ready for tribunal, aside from the fact that the Tribunal are annoyed with the respondent as the statements are almost double the length that was set out in the Case Management Order, one of the witnesses they are calling is my manager. As the claim I've raised is a failure to make reasonable adjustments, I'm still working there at the moment. This is making me massively uncomfortable as I'm going to be expected to cross-examine my manager at Tribunal. It strikes me that it is possible that it is not best practice for one or both of us to be in th
  12. Quick update on this, woke up this morning to find I had an email from my employer's solicitors last night at 11.45. I believe this is so they can tell the tribunal that I failed to adhere to the case management order as it's would appear that it's now my fault that the documents weren't agreed. However, the bundle they sent me is 244 pages (in a PDF), I can't tell if all of my documents are there and I want a hard copy before I agree it. In addition it's not paginated, as according to the CMO it should have been, and here's the best bit, we were supposed to agree a bundle of 150 pages
  13. Got most of my statement already done, just waiting for the documents so I can finish it off, also have a couple of other people who need to see the documents so they can complete their statements. From everything I've had from them, their whole stance seems to be drag their heels as much as possible, and from what I understand from my Union representative it's fairly standard practice for my employer. I work for one of the larger employer's in the country and to say their HR department don't know what they're doing is putting it politely! Thanks
  14. Thanks for the response inline66. Yes the order did state a day for exchange of documents which was today. As stated they contacted me to tell me they would send a list of documents they were going to include, not the actual documents, today and we could apparently agree the contents on the list! I responded that I wanted to see all the documents as I would not necessarily have copies of all those they wanted to include. It's now quarter to six and I still don't even have their list, I'm only concerned due to the short timescale of a week between the documents being agreed and the
  15. I am currently in the process of taking my employer to Tribunal for failure to make reasonable adjustments under the DDA. I suffer migraine and want to make up any time I have off, so a) I get paid, and b) any absence is not contacted toward disciplinary procedures. Anyway, we’ve had a case management order, the hearing is on the 11th and 12th of next month and statements have to be exchanged by the 1st December, however, before either of those we have to agree and exchange a common bundle of documents, which was supposed to be done by today. I contacted my employer’s solicitors last T
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