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  1. lula(or anyone who knows) you any more info on them changes in 2007? your help would be much appreciated.
  2. yea sure, wel im 23 and have got 2 loans and 4 credit cards. im struggling to make the repayments on the cards and would love in some way to reduce the balances or get them written off. being honest would love to never have a card again and hopefully get a gud job and then save for house deposit.
  3. in response to my s78 request halifax sent a agreement like the one i wud have signed and current terms, not the original terms. what should i do next?
  4. july 06 was when agreement was taken out. is my ageement not valid then or what should be my next step? appreciate your reply
  5. i have received my s78 request from virgin (mbna) and the agreement was executed over the internet( by ticking a box). does this hold up and any tips on dealing with internet executed agreements. many thanks
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