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  1. I'm sure I'm not the only one to experience this. The sign up to Opus was really easy. Someone, not authorised to make the decision, got a call from Opus while he was working. The offer of cheap electricity was made and this guy said OK. The monthly bills started at £81.90 which was OK. They then went up to £117, then £134. We then tried to terminate the contract and was told that because we hadn't given 60 days notice we were obliged to buy electricity from Opus for another twelve months (compare the difference of how easy to sign up to how difficult to leave). You can guess what happened, the bills went up to £223. I've just paid an extra £1183 as final settlement to terminate the contract. At the end they were charging me 18.75p per KWH, compared to the 8.9p that their salesman was offering to sign another contract. I feel so cheated by Opus I went to another supplier who's offer was slightly higher.
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