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  1. I'm just gonna sit tight and see what happens, will contact the OFT if they continue to grief me. Again thanks for everyones help
  2. Thanks so much for your help. I will be making a donation to the site. I'm pretty sure this won't be the last of it mind.
  3. It just states, that I agreed to start paying £20 in a telephone conversation, I never made a payment and they accept that, next step? Thank you
  4. Got a reply to the statute barred letter today, has taken around a month to reply. They claim that I made an offer of £20 pcm (over the telephone) in October 2004. So I'm still a year short, any advice? Cheers Patchy
  5. Thanks. Is it ok that it was an overdrawn bank account and not a loan or credit card?
  6. Last payment was easily over 6 years ago, as I said I been out the UK for most of my 2nd spell in the army.
  7. I got a letter today from Aktiv Kapital telling me that I need to repay £803 they'll offer me a 40% discount if I pay in the bext 3 months. I've been reading this forum with interest as I'm pretty sure the debt should be Statute Barred. I got into all sorts of bother when I left the Army when I was younger, I went about £500 overdrawn with barclays which is where the debt originates from. I was out of the Army for about 2 years and I struggled, So I rejoined, this is how I know the debt is well over 6 years old. So should I fire off the letter that can be found on this forum, or am I mis
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