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  1. Hi guys I purchased a solid oak aquarium, stand and lid 8 weeks ago which cost approx £1500. Since I have had it the lid of the aquarium has warped so much it has totally snapped! I have been calling the shop for two weeks as I can't go down as I'm disabled and can't drive and the manager has been ignoring my calls. I managed to speak to him today and explained about the lid and he stated that a few had been returned as with being natural wood the lids will warp and snap, as the wood is a natural material and it is effected by water and heat. I asked what they can do and they said th
  2. Hi guys I currently live in a private rented house with a joint tennant and his nephew. Our rent is currently £525 a month I am on sick and my joint tennat is unemployed. Our contract is up on 11th January. My joint tennat is going to become self employed on 13th Jan and therefore will have to pay for his rent (currently paid by housing benifit) and also im looking to go back to work after my next operation, however when we both have to work we wont be able to afford the rent on this house. We have applied for a council house and have been put in the bottom band together, and
  3. Hi guys I had a horse riding accident over two years ago where i shattered my left wrist. Im still having problems now and having yet another operation in a weeks time. Im in constant pain and cant do things i used to do ie push myself up, carry heavy things, cant pull things. I struffle with daily things like lifting pans and things out the oven and also things like driving as i struggle with the handbrake and my arm aches doing the gears. I also suffer from serious lower back pain after my accident. In total I have been unable to work since my accident. As currently im
  4. hi guys I want to undertake a full time course after loosing my business and being made bankcrupt. I was wondering if there was any help out there towards doing a social worker degree and also wonder if you can claim things like housin benifit towards rent etc?
  5. Hi guys Im currently in the assessment stage of ESA. I really want to train as a social worker, but because i have recently been made bankcrupt and have no savings, im struggling to find out if i can do a course to train to be a social worker while claiming ESA. If I give up ESA I would have no income, and as i am in a private rented house i would have no income to be able to pay my rent if i was a full time student. Could anyone suggest what benifits i may be able to get or help i may be able to get if i become a student both for living expenses and also paying my rent a
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