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  1. Thank you for the reply - it grates to know it failed because I didn't know any better
  2. I have not been back on here for a while due to many other personal issues. Please does anyone know if a set aside application can be made more than once on different grounds? Any help will be much appreciated
  3. I have a book containing terms and conditions (far too big to copy & post on here) - any idea where I should be looking? Is there likely to be something stating 'all monies charge'?
  4. Thanks Lea...unfortunately, I am confused by this twist. They haven't provided the agreement despite many requests so it will be difficult to get anything done on that angle b4 tuesday. So I have pointed this out in my statement and will keep the ss.8 & 36 in my war chest. I thought because the other lending was on a OD, the Coutts v. Seb case might come in useful? Do you have any thoughts on this?
  5. please can anyone tell me what it means to adjourn a money judgment generally? what are the implications?
  6. Please does anyone know if I offer monthly payments less than what the bank wants whether the Judge automatically grants the repo? For example, if the bank says the monthly payments are £500 and I offer £350 (which is what I can demonstrably afford), whether this is ceratin to end in a repo being granted or the court will take circumstances into account? For anyone willing and able to help, your comments are appreciated. Thanks - atom
  7. clearly no assistance forthcoming then?? incredible
  8. I have been making token payments of £35 towards the OD which I can probably continue maintain in the meantime.
  9. no, unfortunately not but I have an offer likely to be confirmed in september.
  10. Hi Ell-enn, Thank you for looking in. To avoid repetition and possibly omissions (am not thinking straight just now), please see the attachment in post #3. Yes - they are demanding the amount they say it is overdrawn by. They have called it a mortgage current account OD and want the current interest amount of £200 per month, which I can't afford. For the other questions, here are some answers: 1. Not at the moment but might be able to in about a month or two. Unfortunately, don't have untill then... maybe this hands them the repo? I don't know. But am trying to raise some money to make the monthly payments until I get back to work or sell up. 2. No 3. No 4. Haven't missed any payments, just haven't paid the full monthly amounts 5. job loss and illness (parent) in the family and at the same time, my other half having to have life-saving surgery while abroad. So all savings gone to that while I struggled for months to make part payments to the mortgage. Verbally tried so far (all recorded). I appreciate your help. atom
  11. Please do not apologise. Sorry if my answers are a bit curt. My reserves are being tested by this experience
  12. no - it isn't. Just a fixed rate mortgage I asked for and to which they bolted an OD acct. I nolonger have any other active accts with them. At the end of the fixed rate, a new rate (as above) is applicable
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