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  1. Can anybody tell me what will happen next? What happens when they got my car & I did not even write to them or contact them? I am prepared to loose my car. Can I writeoff the car. Can change the ownership of the car?
  2. There is a difference with having a PCN & Clamp. In the first case, you don't have to pay first to get your car. If you think you are sincerely right & you have got sufficient evidence to prove then you correspond to them via mail. If they are adament in getting the cash, ask them to meet you in court & you can hire a decent attorney for £100. In the latter case, you have to depart with your cash on the spot in order to get your car, failure to to so mean you loose your car at the most. The invoice mean nothing at all. It only suppose to give all the informataion of the licens
  3. "We can give warnings or revoke a clamper's licence if we find that this is the case." by SIA What the !"£$ We are not given a warning my the clampers. Why should they be given one. We need honest, reasonable & reliable parking operators. We don't need clamp on our wheels at this age. What we need in just a PCN, if we breached or violate the term & contions. Seems there is no respect to the veterans or elders as a matter of fact. Where would England be if not for these men who had risked their lives and even gave it to save England's honour & colors.
  4. I wish if only I was only half the man I used to be. I am a disabled person who doesn't claim a single pence from the goverment. I refused to claim any benefits as I want to desperately get back to a normal life. I am even entitled for a disabled badge which I also didn't apply for. I just want to be normal again. After a stroke during an operation and numerous operations later, I am able to pick up the pieces I left behind. I bought the car as a first step to get back to normal life. I can't work at present as I still have an other operation(major) in the bag. But I have my mobility and can b
  5. Can I transfer the car to the immobiliser or the land owner? How can I get details of the land owner?
  6. The problem is that the company only deal with cash, and I can never get this money back. From what I had seen in the reports of others who had successfully won a court battle is they only won in papers. Midways fail to pay them and they make sure their office don't have any thing in value. There are a people who paid £60 for the services of a bailiff and got nothing.
  7. Now, I had seen this footage by watchdog, I am appalled!... BBC - Watchdog: Citywatch clamping
  8. Hi pin1onu, your advice is useful to me, I also saw your post on Guide to Clamping on Private Land at moneysavingexpert.com site. Your guide give information on how to get the moeny back from clampers but not saying anything about the car which had been takeb by them. Can you advice me further on how to get my car back in this post. Thank you.
  9. Last weekend I attended my friend’s weddings at a hotel (Ramada - Commercial Street). I knew that the hotel does not have any parking facilities prior to my booking. I was quite certain that I would be able to find some parking facilities that might be able to accommodate my 2 days stay in Birmingham. I arrived at the hotel at 1938hrs (with my on hazard-light on) & checked in. After putting our bags in the room, I next went to search for parking spaces which were mostly occupied. I finally saw a carpark which displays 7am - 7pm. As I knew the parking times for the public-carparks
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