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  1. Hi folks, Was just wondering if anything has come of any investigating that has been done? Am still a bit confused as to where i stand with welcome and the final payment. Only i really could do with a new car and dont wanna hand over £7k if i dont have to. as i am sure you agree, to get it back would not be easy to say the least. Also, who would be a better choice for refinancing my next car? any suggestions. Bearing in mind my credit score aint brill, least i dont think it is. Cheers
  2. Hi, Didnt change the car, not sure bout the re-finance thing though. As i understood it, all i did was reduce the payments each month.
  3. hi, have been trying to get my scanner wrking, aint happened. Will have to get another one and post copies of my statements up then. dont suppose there is any news bout my cca's? Cheers.
  4. Will hav to out it up tomo, my scanner has gone for a beer somewhere!!!! :lol::lol: With any luck everybodies info will see the end of these "thieves"
  5. Hi, Went to the local welcome office today. Its still there, up and running!!!!! Got copies of my statements, even they dont seem to add up. Using their figures and taking into account charges etc, I make my balance about £550 less than they do.
  6. As it happens, i work a matter of yards from there office! Will pop in tomorrow and show my face as it were. Cheers for the help. Its mega appreciated
  7. Many thanks. Dont worry about donations, they will be coming.
  8. When you say "toast" do you mean illegal? Wrong? or cant be enforced? Will try n get a statement from them tomorrow. Take it they cant refuse?
  9. Hope this works for you. http://i610.photobucket.com/albums/tt188/adam4x4/welcomenewcca.jpg http://i610.photobucket.com/albums/tt188/adam4x4/welcomeoldcca.jpg :)
  10. I didnt get a statement off them, should of i guess. Will get on to that tomorrow. Sounds like you aint to keen on welcome then??????
  11. now now, calm down!!!!!! will have a go. Reckon i have got this magic box thing sorted. Hahahahaha!!!!!!! :-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D
  12. Hi folks, Its probably been answered a thousand times on here before. Only i dont know what i am doing, where to start and how i go about claiming any unfair charges and interest back from my beloved bank, Barclays. Any advice/tips/starters for 10 would be great. Cheers. :???:
  13. Hi. Will try this photobucket thing. See what happens this time. haha!!! welcome cca old picture by adam4x4 - Photobucket welcome cca old picture by adam4x4 - Photobucket
  14. Hi. Have tried to get copies up for display. Dunno if i have done it properly. Aint at all good on these magic box things!!!!!!!!! If anyone wants copies to have a look at, hopefully pick fault with. Just pm me n can send e-mails. Have learnt to do that!!!! Cheers, Adam
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