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  1. Hi, I am just writing a letter to Rockwell. Would anything on that template (20) need to be changed to section 77 as it is in relation to a loan. So would I be quoting section 77.6 of the consumer credit act with regards to pursuing the debt?
  2. Cheers PGH, I haven't actually had a letter from them saying they cannot comply. They are just out of the time limit in which they should respond. I'm not sure this is the correct template to send although it's very useful. There was one letter I read that was quite long but I can't find it on the templates. Cheers
  3. Hi Guys, Well I sent a letter asking for the CCA and I've had nothing. I sent it on 23rd September and I had a reply dated 24th September thanking me for my response to their letter (which was a threat regarding my temporary arangement expiring) and they have written to their client for further information. It is now 14th October and nothing has come through. I know there is another letter send now if I am correct in thinking but I was also wondering what I can do about the stupid interest they piled on (see statement attached a few replies above this). Cheers guys. I'm not onl
  4. I've just done this spreadsheet where I have added up the totals of the interest and payments since the debt was passed to Tessera. Interesting that the original loan was £5000 and my outstanding balance in Sept 2003 was £5980 including any interest owed. This means I have made quite a lot of payments before it was passed but unfortunately do not have records of these. I am awaiting this CCA with relish because I'm pretty sure they just bought the debt as it stands and shouldn't have added their own 'interest' charges (see previous my post for statement). The amount I should owe - if anyt
  5. Sorry, PPI? Is that Payment protection? I had something set up with pinnacle but my memory is a little hazy as to the history of that. How come? Don't think it's valid anymore.
  6. I suppose I need that agreement before I can start chasing them about the interest? I don't get the flucuations in interest either. When I signed the original agreement with Cetelem it would have been for a fixed rate. Theiving ***** I can't believe they get away with this. Oh yeah, I did add it up. Comes to £5990.06. My original loan with Cetelem was for £5000. Should I write them a strongly worded letter as well as requesting the CCA?
  7. That's what I would like to know as well. I am currently sending out for a CCA and I'm pretty sure they can't provide one so was wondering if when the time comes for me to tell them to go forth, can I add a notice of correction to the report saying 'this account is in dispute as a credit agreement cannot be provided'.
  8. Sorry, just want to bump this. Would like to know what my options are on these documents and whether I could complain about them.
  9. Just noticed something as well. Paragraph 4 on the notice of assignment. "contact our office before 2 February 2009" I asked for the original, or at least a copy of the original and they send me this! If they can doctor documents like this then why should I trust any information they send me? Oh, and they tried calling me earlier:) Must be wanting to get my income and expenditure.
  10. Hi guys, I have attached the letter that Rockwell sent me as "proof that they own the debt". When I spoke to them and they said they could send me the original notice of assignment I was told that they couldn't put the original date on the letter and so you will notice that the letter says the debt was passed over to Tessera on 17th September 2003 and gives a balance of £5980.17 and the date of the letter is 28th January 2009. Now I have no recollection of an original notice of assignment from Cetelem/Tessera. They may have sent it but I certainly do not have any documents dating ba
  11. Is there anyway I can add a PDF file to a post. I have something I want to show you guys.
  12. I'm going to send my CCA letter today. Just to clarify, I need to send this to Rockwell and not Cetelem? Rockwell (Tessera) are claiming to own the debt.
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