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  1. I am having a nightmare with Welcome/FSCS and i have gone and bypassed them and gone to the actual FSCS and they are now dealing with my issue with them, i suggest you do the same x
  2. Ive received a copy of our documents that were signed at the onset, what will I do with them, scan and upload here?
  3. I wonder, you know how before its stated that if the acct is settled i cant request a CCA ? According to CRA is not settled, can i now request this?
  4. Ive just done a redress of the complaint over the phone, told them that their complaint handler has completely missed the point of the complaint, im now going to follow it uo with an email and special next day delivery letter, so some inept eejit signs for it.
  5. Interesting reading this is! We requested the SAR and filed a written complaint with them, we got this back from them today but no SAR
  6. DX, the FSCS (financial services comp scheme) made the award to us of £1500+ cant remember the full amount, when filling out the forms it asked for a specific bank acct for it to be paid into we gave that, when the letter came thru to us, it stated the awarded amount but given their rules FSCS sent this to us today, via email after two weeks of investigation Which prompted my call direct to Welcome, where they proceeded to tell me it was for PPI liability
  7. They have stated that they received the termination letter regarding the car, but conveniently they cant seem to locate the policy termination letter, but logic would dictate that if we are handing the car back to them we wouldnt want to continue on with two policies that pertain to a product that we no longer have. Would i be correct in assuming they are trying to pull a fast one here, as the way im viewing it, is they have taken £1400 of our money for a policy that was proven to be missold so what is it we are paying for actually?
  8. I was informed today earlier also, it was for PPI and Shortfall Inssurance Liability by Welcome itself but that was after i had to argue with them to say and i have it recorded also
  9. They havent asked for more, they have taken it and are saying we arent entitled to it, somehow i find this hard to believe Can anyone please help us, were literally going round in circles with them and have been for months cos the branch is now closed
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