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  1. no probs dj i will do so and update as soon as i have the letter....and thanks for your help.
  2. your joking lol, they asked me how long ago did this happen? how did it happen? told me they could not understand how this would happen? can you send me a photo? they havent had any more contact with me since i sent the photo and they have told my fiance that they are rejecting the claim on wednesday just gone ...........thats it. not very professional or helpful.
  3. cheers dj and no probs with the questions, more than happy to answer them if it helps shed some light as to why they have rejected the claim.
  4. thanks welly its nice to be able to comment on something i know about finally lol. i personally have dealings with munters, rainbow and chemdry on a monthly basis and to be honest (and this is just my professional opinion) i wouldnt use any them on any of my sites for different reasons. the company i ALWAYS use is Active Hygiene Services no matter where in the country the job is. they always get it spot on and dealt with professionally without any come back with full reporting and they even deal with the loss adjusters/assessors, it make my life so much easier ............. its hard to fi
  5. lol i see a lot do sue them sue them on this site....not sure how much this is successful for people.
  6. hiya it really is a terrible situation and unfortunatelty i see it about 4 times a week. i also work for insurance companies for the fire and flood works and have done so for about 2 years now. i agree with wellywonka that the "contractors" should not be passing any costs to you, unless of course you have called them in yourself. there does seem to be some unprofessional conduct here with the contractors sent out. the way it should work is as follows as oon as you report a leak; 1) a plumber is called out to stop further damge and complete a survey 2) a flood speicalist is called
  7. Hi all can anyone help with this or offer any advice please. My fiance has recently submitted a claim for our living room carpet damaged due to a leak. although we have matching carpets through to the dining room, as there is a break in the carpet then the dining room carpet would not be covered so we now have to have mismatched carpets as the carpet we have cannot be matched on colour. this was dealt with by local companies coming out and having a look and we have been offered a cash settlement as they cannot match the colour of the existing carpet. she also has submitted a cla
  8. i most certaily will, oh on another note......is it too late to claim back my charges from abbey or shabbey as ive seen there called on here from 2002 onwards? ive read a few posts and i have never even thought about it before now. cheers Lee x
  9. thank you all for your advice, it makes it a bit less stressful with all your kind help. i have posted the letter off (i think it was the first one in the thread) and i will wait to see what happens, posted it registered as well as suggested. cheeeeers Lee
  10. the funny thing is i have looked on my experian credit report and it says Link Financial £2351.20 satisfied ???? yup alf i do own my property but your right they are probably just clutching at straws.
  11. your right David lol. cant believe it, not heard from anyone in over 2 years and now this comes through the door when i thought everything was sorted. Lee
  12. hey thanks to you both, i will deffo send the letter out tomorrow recorded delivery WITH NO SIGNATURE lol. hopefully a few of the problems i have will be sorted out with the help on here. cheers
  13. Hi can anyone help? Yesterday i recieved a letter from Link Financial stating "we have recently, without success, attempted to contact you with regards to your outstanding balance with us of £2351.20. Your refusal to deal with this matter has prompted our office to make an enquiry under the LAND REGISTRATION ACT 2002. you are recorded on the PROPRIETORSHIP REGISTER AT HM LAND REGISTRY as holding a beneficial interest in the property xxxxxx. this means you may have a significant asset, one that can be used to enforce a county court judgement by way of a final charging order." Fi
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