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  1. I got my parking invoice in sept 09. i followed advice on here and ignored. they eventually gave up sometime in july of this year. so expect ten months worth of letters ish if you choose to ignore.
  2. 13 minutes over eh, unlucky for some. not for you though my dear. Ignore, ignore and then if you get worried, ignore some more. not to worry. they can do nothing except post begging letters. they'll give up in a few months when they realise they're getting no response. from my knowledge on here, the more you ignore the quicker they stop hassling you. First weakness to reply will more than probably result in them hassling you for a lot longer as they'll know you are receiving their letters. The more they think you're worrying, the higher the chance they'll think they'll get a payment from
  3. They are not the law. they have no powers. all they can do is beg for money. if a charity posted a letter through your door DEMANDING £70 or they'll blacklist you, what would you do with that letter? bin it i should think. same goes here. unless it's a council or police fine, just keep on ignoring. they'll get bored and move on eventually. mine took nearly a year before they gave up. they sent letters thick and fast for the first six months, but after that they must have decided to save on stamps and ink, and sent them every other month until they finally gave up.
  4. i had all their letters. just kept on ignoring them. i received my first mickey mouse fine in a shopping car park in september 09. it's now november 2010 and i've had all their begging letters, followed by their threatening letters, then their debt collection letters, followed by bailiff letters. suffice to say, all were ignored and i havent received one for a few months now. they can send as many as they like i won't be paying, and i also no longer shop at the supermarket that likes to target it's own customers. looks like they bummed out big time on that one!
  5. hi all its me again. i was here in september of last year complaining about someone i know parking in a disabled bay at the supermarket (because the ma&pa spaces were occupied by old people having a picnic and work vans....very fair) well after ignoring for five months, they got another letter this week off some dude called kenneth white begging for over £200 now. i've told them to ignore it some more. after all, its been five months, i forgot what i was doing yesterday, let alone who was contravening a FREE parking space in a car i might own at some point last year. i've advised th
  6. dont worry, tesco has no more right to fine you than any of these clowns that supervise their carparks. my car was parked in a disabled spot also, and i only used that space because mother and baby were full of people who didn't need them, i.e Workmen and old people. but because these people were sitting in their cars having some kind of picnic, well,,, they aren't easy targets are they. they're sneaky, and usually crawl out from under some bush or other as soon as you've walked around a corner. as i said previously dont worry. a private carpark disabled bay is not the same as a disabled m
  7. and to think their motto is, every little helps.. pfft. they'll see come christmas when their sales targets aren't met, and asda will be voted best shop again for the 11th year running.
  8. i've been through every post on here, all 28 pages, and i think you should take the same advice i'm currently taking, ignore it all. dont appeal, dont write, dont do anything. apparently the rules for private parking are not the same as road way parking. unless the ticket was issued by the local council or police it is not actually a fine. its just toilet paper. whether you were ''illegally parked'' or not makes no difference to these bandits. a disabled parking space holds no merit in a private run car park.
  9. can i just ask, my ticket was issued in a carpark, it doesn't say anything about it being given by the council/police and the only address on the back is for central ticketing with a PO box number, however it doesn't say to be paid with in 7 days, it says reduced price of 40quid within 14 days, and after 14 days 70quid, up until 28 days when it goes to 150. does this mean it has to be paid???? help now i'm worried!!!!!
  10. i have been having a read through all the posts on this site, and would like to say thankyou. i am going to proceed with the same ignorance this company has shown me by fining me in the first place, fine, what fine? my car? really, i wasn't driving it.....?? nothing i can do about that then is there!! let justice prevail against these bandits.
  11. i did get an appeal form from inside the shop. i was so irate at the time, not to mention the fact i'd just spent £200 in there on party food for my granddaughters birthday. they'll be receiving no more of my money in future, with this being in shopping or fines.
  12. I have received a parking ticket in tesco's from this central ticketing company. i am not the registered keeper anyway, so what do i do? do i ignore it and let the registered keeper wait for a letter and then get them to reply with your template? it was for parking in a disabled bay. there were no signs saying parking enforcement was in operation, and fines were payable if it wasn't adhered to etc. also, once i opened the fine, i have noticed the sheet inside wasn't the correct way. so when it has been written out, the carbon has imprinted it onto the actual back of the ticket, which is
  13. Nothing on the front. it doesn't say who has issued it, what company etc. when you take the ticket out, other than everything being left blank, it says underneath on another part, Postal payment slip. then you fill it in with your reg and, get this.... CUSTOMER REFERENCE NUMBER (funny...) then just visa details, or cheques numbers etc. if you turn it over, the back is set out in parts. on the back it says, payments made to, payments department, central ticketing. po box 12655, birmingham. b16 6ax.
  14. well it doesn't say that. its just a small yellow thing, with a box with reg, date and time. then box with wording, PARKING CHARGE No unauthorised removal or interference. photographic evidence take. thats it. then it says pull here for ticket. and you pull it out, and its wooo hooo BLANK.
  15. it was issued in a supermarket. how do i know if its issued by the council?
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