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  1. Had not heard anything from the DCA since March and the account is still in dispute. However today I received a letter from mackenzie hall stating the account is overdue and have been instructed by there client to recover the outstanding balance. They have requested I contact them within 72 hours. As the account is still in dispute am I correct in saying it cannot be passed on to someone else? Also looking at all the paperwork they sent previously the last payment into this account was July 05.
  2. The last payment to this was June 2005 and have not had any contact or acknowledgement.
  3. I had a default on my credit report that came off on 21 Nov as it was 6 years after the date defaulted on. I received in the post a chasing letter from Rob Way dated 30 Nov. Do I send the statute barred letter or something else?
  4. Is there anything I should do?
  5. Yes I did. wasn't aware of anything being sold.
  6. Hi I have received an Annual Statement of Account from a company called dlc and in it they have a creditor name of Hillesden Securities Ltd formerly MBNA. It has a staement period from 09/2010 to 03/2011. I have never received any correspondence from them before and not sure what they mean by annual statement of account.
  7. I had not heard anything from this company and then at the begining of March I received pack through the post which had a compliment slip and a copy of a letter which was supposedly sent recorded but was returnred as never collected. I know nothing of this and the copy letter goes to great length to say what they have receieved and when they sent letters. They also say they have provided a copy of the original agreement but again I believe this has been put together as the second page is a continuation of a paragraph but does not continue from page 1. They finish by saying that "if I wish to a
  8. It has been over 21 working days and the only response I received was it was being referred to the compliance department.
  9. The 21 days stated in the letter is that working days or standard days?
  10. Sent the letter and just received a response which stating "your correspondence has been referred to the compliance department. A quality assurance officer will respond to your queries in due course and we confirm that your account will remain on hold whilst this matter is being investigated". Is this usual practice?
  11. I sent a CCA request and received a copy of the same document along with 24 pages of terms and conditions which have a date at the end of Jun 10 and mention Santander in the document. Also attached was the document below. http://i781.photobucket.com/albums/yy91/av8boy/Cap/Abbeyassign.jpg My feeling is that this document has not been produced by Abbey. Do I now take the action mentioned in the above posts or should I do anything else. Thanks for any advice
  12. I have not requested a copy of the CCA so should I send the letter before the in dispute letter. Thanks
  13. I have reposted the second doc as requested. Currently not statue barred. The last dealings I had I believe was July 2005.
  14. At the end of March I received a letter from Cap demanding payment for a CC. I was not convinced it was mine so sent a letter based on yours in the library re No Knowledge. Yesterday I received the letter below. Then today received the following. The date signed by T sawyer is before the date signed by the applicant. Can someone help as what should be done next. I do not want people coming to my door or phoning. Reading the threads this does not prove anything but please confirm. This has come as a shot out of the blue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Just a quick update, after writing to the debt agency as per your letter, Experian have now confirmed that the default is being removed on Activ Kapita instructions. Unfortunately I had a mortgage offer agreed by Nationwide in May. This default was put on in July and then when due to complete in September Nationwide did another credit search and because they saw this default withdrew the mortgage offer even though I have exchanged. So it is good the default has gone but now left high and dry. Thanks for your help with the default.
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