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  1. yes i wrote to them the letter that was a few posts up and sent it recorded mail and it has been signed for and no responce as yet I have also asked one of my mums friends who runs there own business to ask for reference for me to see what they put nothing as yet on that either i told the job centre the truth and they were ok with it, as i had the text to prove it she also told me that they sometimes contact employer to check that i was fired and didnt walk as that makes a difference as if i walked id have to wait weeks before i get any money and if they dont reply then it goes my wa
  2. Just thought id update you all on this 1 i still dont have a job 2 they still wont speak to me 3 they have paid me my full weeks wage and full weeks holiday owed plus a little extra which i can only assume is for commission owed from last month as they pay it monthly in areas although it clearly states in contract that commision will only be paid to employed staff so all in all i have what i am owed to which i have worte them a little email thanking them for the last 11 months (they helped me through a really tough time when i broke up with my partner of 5 years), and just added
  3. thanks Andy i have tired to call them tonight after talking to my friend, and after 2nd call they answered and told me that although they know i have done nothing worng they dont want to feel threatened and my partner makes them feel it they have also commented that after boss had gone the person i was talking to text to ask what had happened and were bit shocked i didnt ring or text as well, i said that to be fair i didnt even realise something bad had gone off and that i was quite drunk so ringing them or texting them was probably not good idea as like i said i was drunk he stated
  4. wow i have just spoken to my friend who works there and she had filled me in on there version of events when we 1st went out my partner was saying how he loves his job works from home watches tv while working its great then in the next pub when my boss was telling wayne he is a very clever person why is he sat at home wasting his talent wayne responce was i dont wast it i make enough money to support me and treat joanne nice, and am happy, ive tired getting office and working 9 to 5 and yes i had more money but was not happy so am happy with what i get doesnt have to work 9 to 5
  5. i have walked passed today and as i was walking past boss was outside i spoke and said can we talk about this and i was blancked and he turned his back on me and went back inside and closed blinds
  6. thanks you so much for all your advice i have decided to wait till i see if or what i have been paid as suggested by ell-enn but that letter is fab and if i still do not get anywhere i will try the letter thats is fantastic thank you so much
  7. i am not confident enough to do that I have sent them an email and have had a reply just saying we will not tell you again we do not want anything to do with you anymore all my email said was can i call in today to talk to you, and see if there is anything we can sort out i have spoken to solicitor who has advised me to wait till fridat to see if i get weeks wage and the 6 days holidays owed to me so watch this space lol
  8. I have just spoken to acas and have been told i have not case for unfair dismissal as not been there 1 year but I can go and see someone about breach of contract
  9. i posted at same time as you Mariefab i am not brave or confident at all it took a lot for me to just nip up to see if could sort it out, and since then i have not been out incase i bumped into them
  10. thank you so much for all your advise its helped me loads i didnt mention but i live on lets say street 1 work is street 2 and boss house is street 3 no imagine a letter H the left hand stick street 2 the middle cross bar street 1 and the right hand bit street 3 so have not left house since i they would not let me in work to talk to them as didnt want to bump into them
  11. the text read i think tonight was out of order i dont think my husband deserves to be spoke to how he was tonight i think that is it for us we dont want anything more to do with you take this as your notice you money will be in you bank we dont want to speak to you again i have been there since 14th october 2008 they have to give me one week which is what i assume the money in you bank is about they will pay me but dont want me in the contract if i remember rightly says to refer to hand book for disciplinary procedure and the handbook tells you to refer to contract i pointe
  12. to be fair i dont think they understand employment law she downloaded contracts and employee handbook and edited it to suit the compnay but even at that they were not very good, I am production manager and few weeks ago one of my guys handed his notice in and asked me to check he would get holidays owed and i said i would i emailed her to ask if he was getting them and i got an email back saying how checky tell him NO so i had to get a contract out and take her aside and point out in his contact it states he get all holidays owed before she would agree to pay them
  13. yes it is a very small company just boss and his wife then 9 others will post as soon as i have spoken to acas tomorrow
  14. we always go to the pub after work every friday we finish half hour early and boss takes us for drink other than that i dont normally go out with them, only went as it was someones birthday i do have one really close friend through work i just hope they dont start treating her bad as she is still friends with me they got rid of somone correctly may i add last year and i could feel there stairs when i mentioned that i had gone to her wedding some of the things they do at work i think wow how do they get away with it and keep my views to my self just make mental note not to let th
  15. thanks for that I am going to ring them in morning my friend who went into work today was told they are getting rid of me because he felt threatened by wayne when she asked what wayne said he said that wayne told him to realx and have a drink and that he was out and didnt want to talk shop as thats all my boss does and wayne was fed up of hearing work this work that and he doesnt work there maybe wayne said it out or order but he has promissed me he didnt when my friend tried to get more out of him he said thats it on the matter the less we have to do with her the better Joan
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