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  1. TML are also part of the Utility Warehouse group: http://www.choosetml.co.uk/index.taf I used to work for TML back in 2005-2007 and they wanted another way to promote Telecom products for small business & break into domestic sales markets. Npower has done a deal with U.W and have offered money for new customers, As this way Npower can charge a higher rate for Gas & Electric, Under the gise of a cheaper complete package i.e gas,electric,phone,mobile,internet & cashback card. The plan is to make it much harder for people to move away from the Utility Warehouse, A
  2. Thanks Teaboy2, I'm Going to the Citizens advice on Tuesday, and have been told I can get 1 hour free with a local Solicitor. And I will also report the abusive phone calls and texts,email's for U.W agents I contacted my local police station via the phone today , as i received over 21 calls:jaw: from a women who works as a U.W Distributor.(some of the calls where at 2-3am, i didn't answer) *And anyone looking at the Utility Warehouse, Please make sure you get independent information and advice.
  3. Sorry I have left the company. I am under pressure not to speak about the Utility Warehouse, Due to legal reasons. And U.W agent pressure(phone calls,spam email,etc) I'm not sure who you are supposed to contact at the Utility Warehouse if you have problems? Have a good weekend!
  4. This is the real Truth about how the Utility Warehouse operates. Notice there is not even a phone number to call!(and it's mean't to be their market) They are so lazy, They don't even bother to re-act to possible problems.
  5. Utility Warehouse are the No 1 of the UK & will be in Euro soon! *We can not be matched, We offer the best options for Domestic And Small Business needs(not big) You can even buy all your shopping with US! How many people can do this! Why don't people get this? I will help you convert, and even buy you a few beers! I am happy to travel too(PMS ME) Have a nice day!
  6. This made me laugh! Shining Light, I think you have made the hole deeper! So who's responsibility is it to deal with those who can't be bothered? *The Utility Warehouse likes talk big, But when it comes down to it, It's just about the Money! You can do a simple test, go to a U.W open day: Tell them your unemployed,student,home-maker, etc and you will most likely be ignored. *But if you tell them you have a Business already, and have lot of possible leads. Then they can't wait to get in bed with you.
  7. The main problem with the Utility Warehouse is the Distributors earn more for recruiting more Distributors. Hence you end up with the Blind leading the Blind. And people read of scripts, and don't even have a basic understanding of the Product(s) they are selling. *It's called confusion marketing
  8. http://www.ofcom.org.uk/ http://www.otelo.org.uk/ http://www.btplc.com/thegroup/contactbt/index.cfm You should go to Ofcom and register a complaint, they will give you a reference number, and record your details. They are quite helpful too. You can send a recorded letter to BT in Durham. And if it goes on after 8 weeks from 1st complaint, Go to Otel. *I'm a distributor fro the Utility Warehouse, But I'm more interested in my Environmental Science work now. U.W is Brown Energy, And I'm free to say what the duck i like about U.W P.S I'd go full-time Envir
  9. No problem Littlerun, I think it would be better for your U.W agent friend to use his Extranet to email them about this. As this can sometimes be better than phoning in. A lot of the time when you phone companies, the call-centre operator(s) can only tell you what they see on the computer(s) they are using. With Utilities in general they can be a time delay, as the data has to moved around the different systems. As you have cancelled your DD, I would just wait it out. You have had a lose of Service and the deal has not been honored/respected. You always have Ofcom &
  10. The Utility Warehouse does have some customer service issues. I believe it is mainly because they are based in London. In the sense that it's a bit of a Rat Race vibe, and they tend to get stressed too.
  11. Looks like the U.W agent rushed the sale. I would have cancelled the D.D myself. You should hopefully get it sorted out within a couple of weeks, Most of the time waiting is due to data being updated on computer systems. Will be interesting to see what happens next.
  12. I'm A distributor for the Utility Warehouse, And I agree with you. That some of the customer service is shocking! They incorrectly billed me twice, as I changed bank accounts. Instead of checking their own records the wanted me to send in my banks statements. I tried to speak with someone higher up, But I'm still waiting for the callback. Overall, I find the Utility Warehouse can be a good option. The trouble is they seem to think they are Gods gift to Utilities. I think the main problem is poor training of new Distributors. Or Distributors/Agents who get a big head becau
  13. Ofgem are worth looking at: http://www.ofgem.gov.uk/Pages/OfgemHome.aspx and energy watch: http://www.energywatch.org.uk/ although they can be a bit like the U.N in war time! i.e i'll send nice letter to the people with the tanks and guns
  14. Hello, As far as i know you have to be in debt a long time before you are forced to have pre-pay meter(2years+) For under a year, you can't be expected to be in that much trouble. A domestic UK Customer has the right to change supplier very 30 days. *I'm am a U.W Distributor, they do have a few problems with the London type call operators. As today phoned in and was told it yours Business mate!, And she the said BYE!, and Hung up! I have put a complaint in and there are checking the recordings. If you do get any problems calling any kind of call centre, it's worth tryi
  15. Yes Thanks, The off-peak time at Oxford ends 2:30 pm, I got on at 4pm-ish(totally forgot about peak times) And got asked for the ticket on the train at 6:30pm. *It's kind of nuts, that train are only meant for rich people? It can cost 7-8(+) times more to travel by train than car. And you can't always gets a coach or a bus, and I'm not really into the arm-pit in my face lifestyle!
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