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  1. Chris, We also had a few letters from them , with increasing demands each time!!! Just ignore them.
  2. Quick update , nothing more from CEL or the Hospital car parking people, so for those who are new , and are unsure, best advice from this forum is to IGNORE .
  3. hi all, just a quick update, we are on our 3rd letter now from Newlyn as well, ignored it . Also had a parking notice in the hospital car park where i am working at present, and even though I had paid my £1 for the day !!! and had my temporary parking permit for staff, i still got a ticket for parking on a gravel verge, where there was no sign saying i could not park there, i was not obstructing anything, and the rest of the staff parking around the hospital is on muddy verges, gravel and grass verges. I have ignored that too.
  4. Managed to get myself a parking ticket this week!! First day at a new job after being made redundant in July, late as loads of traffic, nearly had an accident on the way, (not my fault) so was stressed out when I parked in a side street near to the hospital in London, which had resident permit parking. Read the sign 5 times as restriction Mon-Sun 8am - 9am. Thought ok, as was 9:06 am. Went to work, came back at 5 :15 and found a ticket. Restriction was until 9pm!!!!!!! Just goes to show , in a stressful situation you cannot see things as they are. Have to pay as local authority PCN and I
  5. Does this mean that the local authority do not need to take you to court to issue allow bailiffs to take a car away? Is this also true for non local authority PCN's . Now I'm a bit confused? (Doesn't take much !!!)
  6. Ok just for you Nick..... And I am a firm believer in recycling, I am keeping everything. I may even laminate them as someone else has done on here and put them up in the shed for decoration one day. Also, interestingly some very close friends of ours watched their car being towed away from their driveway by a DCA, for a £ 700 (or thereabouts) fine that had accumalated over the year, but theirs was a parking fine issued by the local council, they have now had advice and are trying to get their car back , plus compensation ,as they hadn't been taken to court either. I told them the a
  7. OHHHHH Firemen!!!!!!! Thank you guy's , you don't know how much i like firemen and fire trucks !!!!!LOL:-D And again thank you so much Nickxxx
  8. P.S, one more question, where would the DCa get our phone number from, as we are ex-directory,can they obtain mobile numbers?
  9. Thank you Nick, I will probably end up kicking him out if it comes to it. Now what did you do to end up divorced twice, make them laugh too much????
  10. Can they send the heavy mob knocking on the door or gain entry by an open window? I'm sure they can't but need more reasurrance It's like you really know me hehehe Well you obviously know women really well ! I read this out to him this morning and he laughed, thanks for that , as now I have more proof of how lucky he is to have me as his wife.:wink: I will def post updates on here to keep all informed. xxx
  11. Thank you and sorry, I have already read almost all the previous threads, and others on other forums, but just need reasurrance as alot of them go back to 2007, and wanted to be sure that the law still stands as it did then. xxx
  12. Nick , you have made me laugh so much tonight, just had a quick look on here ,and now I'm going to go to bed happy!!!!! ok, I'm going to bite the bullet and totally ignore this letter, andf all the rest from CEL, but when i recieve the letter from the DCA, do I ignore that too, or send a reply telling them the charge is disputed with Cel even though I won't have actually disputed anything as I have been ignoring them, get my drift??? Thanks again xxxxx:p
  13. Ok , so if i ignore this first letter , will they send me another one asking for £150 ? Has anyone else ignored the first letter?. Is it reasonable for them to ask for the money as the signs quite clearly state that you have to pay after the 90 mins is up? Also if they have CCTV of my husband getting in or out of the car can they use it against him? Thanks so far for your replies, i'lll check back first thing in the morning. xxx p.s the KFC manager said the reason they did this was that they never had any parking for their own staff as the car park was always full, I think it is BS as
  14. Hi all, This is my first time on here, I"m so happy to have found this site,I could have done with it last year but that is another story. Would appreciate a quick response as I have to pay up £75 soon or fee goes up to £150!!! Basically my hubby parked in KFC car park in the UK somewhere for more than the free time allowed. Came home and a week later we recieved a letter from CEL stating that he had breached the free limited stay allowance. I went yesterday as he does not remember seeing any signs, and lo and behold, there were plenty of them everywhere , big red ones with free parkin
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