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  1. Thank you Scott. Which department is the best one to ring about this? I'm not very good at talking over the phone; what do I say to the person on the phone?
  2. Oh, and there's no way of proving the initial conversation as it happened in the branch and not on the phone. Not that it really matters as technically he did what I asked, but still...
  3. Oh and humans do work at Halifax, but only those capable of navigating the Phone Menu Labyrinth are deemed worthy of speaking to them.
  4. I think it's hard to say because there's someone with a horror story for every bank and someone whose never had a problem with their bank. I've always had luck with NatWest in terms of not being charged, cancelling charges and so on, but with Lloyds I've had multiple charges that were completely in their error, times they said they wouldn't charge me for a certain thing, but did anyway etc. but there's probably someone for whom it's the other way around.
  5. Hello friends. Here's the situ: I was overdrawn by about £50 or so, and my overdraft is much more than this so I was well within the limit. I asked the person at the desk how much I'd have to pay to bring it to zero. They told me, I paid it, then forgot about it. Later I get a letter telling me I need to pay them, I check my balance and I'm overdrawn again. What happened was there was a charge which wasn't appearing on my account when I asked how much I need to pay to bring me to zero. That took me overdrawn, which led to another charge, which led to another, etc. I forgot
  6. Just so's you know all, you can go to "Your Account" then "Prime Settings", and then "Cancel Membership" (blue button). If you haven't bought anything (and hence used the free posting that Prime gives you) since the charge, they refund you automatically. Well, they say they will, but they are good people so I believe them. I got caught in this trap too, probably my only bad experience with Amazon, ever. I know it's my fault, blah blah, I didn't read T&C, blah blah, but damnit, you don't expect a business you've never had any problem with ever to stick a hidden £50 charge in the sm
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