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  1. your a star, will send you my address via email
  2. Nic, thank you so much, these are excellant, yes, there definately wasn't a sign there before, cheeky whatsits, I am going to try and compose my letter and court submission tomorrow, you have been so helpful. I did receive your email, and responded but not sure if you got my response. The video would be interesting, is it digital? if so, can it be sent to my email address??? - not sure if this is possible or not. Once again, thank you so much for all your help so far, and will advise as things progress. Regards Chook girl
  3. thank you for that post 'The freedom Trail' I watched it with interest, there was cetainly no signs near where I parked
  4. nero, what a star, any chance of a video/photos showing the position of the signs in relation to where the red car was parked, ie round to the right as you drive in pointed towards the main road?? I know it is a lot to ask, my private email address is zelanie@f2s.com Thank you so much for this
  5. I know that I could not of resonably seen the signs at BK in Havant, Neros photos 'sort of' show that, but just not clearly enough, hence I am hoping he is going to make the daytime trip with camera for me
  6. Smudge, glad your letter is in the post, I tried to appeal, but they 'lost' it more than once, eventually got a standard NO response. I am waiting for nero12 to post the daylight photos so that I can enclose them.......any luck nero??????
  7. Nero12, perhaps you could ask them to hold a board with numbers on it (sort of a jail type shot!!!)
  8. Thank you nero12, that will be really helpful, I would like to get this moving as soon as. Smudgerone, I would be interested to know if the clamping company is the same as the one that clamped me, I have all the details of the franchisee, it would be good to exchange information
  9. hwilliams, thanks for that lead, I have finally managed to get the franchise information, a group called the Caspian Group. So I am going to prepare the first letter. Nero12, I would love some photos during the day if at all possible, especially leading to the parking space where the red car is parked in photo 3, this is where I parked and looking at the photos of the signs I could not of resonably seen any of these signs, however, need to prove this.
  10. Yes please to additional photos, I parked where the red car is in the 3rd photo down, I truely believe that there were no signs visable as you drive into that space and park, I am really cross with myself for not thinking rationally and taking photos etc, I am normally so sensible but was very frightened and worried about my son
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