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  1. I don't know if it makes any difference but this was defaulted in 2004. My situation has changed and soon I will not be contactable. No address, no forwarding address or mail redirection. So if they send any letters I will not get them.
  2. How can start up again ?. I thought if they did not respond within the time limit that was that. Yes I stopped paying Tesco. I never paid intrum nothing.
  3. Clair1979. No not heard anything from them. So presume that's the end of it.
  4. Thanks andyorch. So if they dont give me the information by 12+2 days from the date of their letter of 14/03, i will in future just ignore them. They have not actually admitted receiving the CCA letter, but sent me the letter with the text in my first post. So i presume thats good enough.
  5. Ok thanks andyorch. Is there a template letter to send them once they are in breach of the CCA ?. Yes same here with letter. But they must have it because that's the only time I have contacted them. They have replied admitting a dispute so cannot deny receiving the letter.
  6. I`m not sending them anything. I am still paying tesco. Next payment due middle of next month. Yes i sent it to PO box in Reigate. If you have had no response since 8/2, surely they are in breach of the time limit. I thought it was 12 days. Thanks andyorch for moving it to the correct place.
  7. Hi all. I sent Intrum a CCA on 12/03 by royal mail signed for. Had a letter from Intrum today, dated 14/03. It says. We are aware that you have raised a dispute/query on the above account. What happens next We will contact the original creditor in order to request any information they hold relating to a dispute in relation to this account. It may take several weeks for them to gather this information. We will suspend collections activity on this account whilst we endeavor to obtain these documents. What you can do Please send us any information you have in relation to your dispute/query; this can include; Details of what the dispute relates to Copies of any letters from the original creditor relating to your dispute Copies of any letters to the original creditor. The letter gives the date they purchased the account from tesco as january this year. I am still paying tesco £1 a month, and the CCA was the 1st contact i have made with Intrum. Can i safely now cancel the £1 a month payment to tesco, as Intrum are the new owners (according to them). I have recieved no correspondence from tesco. If they do not comply with the CCA in the statutory time period, as looks very possible, what is my next move ?. Thanks
  8. Since the forum update, none of my bookmarks work. Could someone point me in the direction of the CCA template, with instructions what to leave in, to send to Intrum concerning a very old Tesco card debt they have purchased. I have ignored Intrum up to now, and am still paying Tesco £1 a month as i have not recieved a letter from Tesco. Just the photocopy, supposedly from Tesco in the letter from Intrum. Thanks
  9. Hope its ok to jump in here. I have had the same letter. Checked my noddle and saw that Intrum had done a search. My card was taken out between 1999-2001 i think. It was defaulted in 2004. Brassnecked, whats the difference if it was taken out before 2007 ?.
  10. ok thanks i will send a SAR to both of them this week. Do i need to send a cca or will the SAR include it
  11. I think i have always gone through the credit card operations in southend for both tesco and rbs since they defaulted me. Tesco sent me a letter in 2012 with a new account number to pay to, and a new address in glasgow. I have for many years, paid them through my bank by manual monthly payments which i did online. Tesco have normally sent me monthly statements. Rbs started sending me monthly statements again this year, for the first time in several years. The last statement i can find previously from them was in 2008. Maybe i binned them, but i doubt it as i have plenty of letters from both of them dating back to 2004 including the defaults. Rbs did send a stupid letter to my address in 2008 asking if i still lived there. I was paying them every month, so dont know why they did that. Brunel franklin did a credit agreement assessment and ppi in 2009 for rbs. Though they never sent me a copy of the original agreement with the pile of paperwork. Just a letter saying, it has been found your potential case does not meet all the strict criteria to enable us to continue with your claim. Then asked for £300 to go for unfair charges and ppi which i declined. Rbs sent me a letter in 2009 saying i never took out ppi on the card. I have never myself sent them a cca request or SAR.
  12. I am really sorry. what information have i not given. I said in the earlier post. Part of the reason i worry is, RBS and tesco defaulted me in 2004. They still give me minor grief occasionally. I have asked them to write off the debts, but they wont play and still want there £1 a month.I thought it was understood i have been paying them. I an not very good at explaining things sometimes and can only apologise if you feel i have misled you.
  13. No they are not stute barred, I have been paying them £5 every month for donkeys years. I decided this year to try and sort my life out a bit, and try and get rid of these really old debts that were stressing me out. I thought after all these years they might play nice and write them off. They know my circumstances havent changed, i have been on the sick since 2005. Obviously that changed this year when ATOS decided i should go on jobsekers, and the council started charging council tax. I just couldnt afford to pay them any more. No one is going to employ me, with my mental and physical problems. But i still have to apply for jobs or they will stop my benefits. Then i really would be in trouble.
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